10 Tricks of the Trade in Swimsuit Fashion

bigstock-Senior-Woman-Having-Fun-In-Swi-39240712Still wondering whether you want to accept that pool party invitation? Last time we talked about 8 tips on pool party wear for poolside confidence. Here are an additional 10 tricks of the trade in swimsuit fashion to further build poolside confidence. You may not secure a page in Sports Illustrated but you may be more confident lounging by a pool or ocean-side at a resort. Continue reading

10 Great Ways to Bring White into Your Summer Wardrobe

46511107While “colour” may be getting all the fashion press, there’s a lot to be said about classic black and white. The way you combine them is infinite and up to your imagination. Below are 10 great ways to bring white into your summer wardrobe this year.

If you know me you might be saying, “Hey Karen… white is not in my colour palette! What are you suggesting?”

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