Step into Style 101 – a 21 Day Challenge

Do you wake up each day excited to get dressed?

You put on clothing that says,” YES! This is me! I just feel so good in it.”

Every outfit Fits, Flatters and is Functional for all your life-roles? You feel confident. There is a spring in your step and as you pass the mirror, you throw a kiss to the amazing woman grinning back at you.

Or does your day start like this?

You stand and look miserably in your closet for 5-10 minutes and groan.

You try on at least 3 outfits, mumble, toss them on the bed and end up wearing something from last week.

You wish you hadn’t eaten those chips, and had exercised instead.

You send hate messages to your jelly belly and wonder what you can possible wear to cover it.

You wish you could wear yoga pants each day but secretly hunger to look savvy and chic wearing the new denims that are appearing in stores.

 Well Spring is coming! Spring trends are appearing! Spring is for new beginnings and cleanses. Cleanses for inside our body and… outside ON our body! This means a new you can emerge too. Try the Step into Style…21 Day Challenge and dip your toe into looking at dressing in a new way… FREE!

REGISTRATION CLOSES on Feb. 20th at Midnight … NO new participants after that date! Starts on 21st – Make sure you register as soon as possible!

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Step into Style 101 – 21 Day Challenge

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