Set Your GPS to Love

gps to love copySet Your GPS to Love… a journey to attracting in a loving relationship for women 50+…

Welcome to the beginning of your journey!

  • Have you been disappointed in love relationships?
  • Have you put up blocks around ever finding a healthy, loving relationship?
  • Are you lonely and in search of someone to live your best life with?
  •     Do you lack the confidence to be in the dating scene again?
  •     Do you find yourself attracting the same type of person over and over again?
  •     Do you long for a loving, committed, romantic partner?

I invite you to join me on a journey to attracting in a loving relationship.

Being in love makes you feel energized, expansive and joyous, like you can take on the world! Once you begin your journey toward attracting in love, doors begin to open, synchronicities begin to happen.

It’s all about putting methods into place.

With your personal Love GPS you will receive clear directions to support and guide you.

Where the Idea Began

In the “Afternoon” of my life, I find I am surrounded by beautiful, single women from the ages of 40 and up. WHY?

When asked this same question by an elegant 62 year old man, my answer blurted out: “At this stage in our life we don’t want to settle for just any man, or any relationship. We know what we want and are content to wait and find a fulfilling partnership.”

Then… it hit me! We also need to take ACTION.

Having a goal or dream without taking some form of action is just wishful thinking.

I am building this course to help navigate and guide you through action steps that  involve you, finding the relationship you want without hanging out at a bar or posting your face on an on-line dating site.

After a summer of reflection and introspection about the relationships I’ve been in over the years I found myself having similar conversations with my friends and clients that always seemed to be “why do I keep finding, dating or attracting the same kind of man?”

Sure, this discussion has been around for a few years but the growth in online dating has made this observation even more astounding when those patterns you are familiar with appear in complete strangers!

I started journaling and discussing more on the issue of relationships and found that its something that is really worth sharing and discussing and so I am working on a book that I can share these insights with everyone.

Stay tuned in on this setting to be the first to know when my workshop will be available this Fall, 2016!


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