Level Up Your Image in Business, Life and Love

5 Day Challenge

Level Up Your Image in Business, Life and Love.

September has always been like New Years to me. I can start back into routine. My clients are ready for routine as well. Children are back to school and are excited with their new “school clothes.” I too prefer Fall clothes and welcome the layering of pieces.

The Fall and Winter trends are in the stores and it is time to transition summer clothing to Fall.

That means sorting through the closet and creating modules for the season. What do you already have in your closet that is in trend? What do you need to compliment the items you already have?

This week is a fun week of getting to know one another and beginning to incorporate some of the new trends.

Here is what to expect:

Each evening you will receive an email with the next day’s challenge. This will give you some time to prepare.

Post a picture of your item or outfit for the day.


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