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iStock_000016757748XSmallImage Connections empowers women to embrace their personal power, passion  and playfulness back into everyday dressing. Clients develop confidence and move beyond their limitations in order to step into their possibilities.

It starts with a complimentary phone call to assess your needs and determine what areas are priorities for you to address.

Your consultation is tailored to your specific needs whether it is for:

  • Business, vacation wear, at home, or transitioning to a new job or retirement.
  • Perhaps you have lost weight, gained weight, are on the dating scene again.
  • You want to feel confident in a new decade of age.
  • Hate shopping? Or dealing with too many clothes in your closet and still have nothing to wear?

At Image Connections we specialize in:

COLOUR ANALYSIS: this is an analysis of your best colours, your undertone and colours for make-up, hair and accessories. Wearing clothes in your colour palette saves you money and time. You can easily mix and match outfits. Be prepared to hear, “You look wonderful.”  You just need to smile and say, “Thank you.”

STYLE ANALYSIS: determine the best style for your body type, your personality and lifestyle. You discover your unique “Style words” to take with you whenever you shop or to place in your closet organizing outfits.

WARDROBE AND CLOSET EDITING: need help letting go of outdated clothing? Is your closet crammed and yet you never have an outfit to wear? How would you like to open your own dream closet to hear each piece of clothing call, “Pick me, pick me, I look gorgeous on you!”

PERSONAL SHOPPING: Do you hate shopping? Are you overwhelmed with choices of stores and clothes? I take the pain out of shopping for you by ‘pre-shopping’ for you first and streamlining the process. Learn how to focus on buying only what you need and how to use a wardrobe chart to make shopping a whiz!

WORKSHOPS AND PRESENTATIONS: Please check out upcoming presentations by clicking here.

For more information please contact me or click the contact tab below to claim your FREE 30 minute consultation. !

Here is what a couple of happy clients had to say:

Thank you so much for the session yesterday – I feel so much clearer and more excited about my clothes!

S. McKee, Leadership Unleashed


Hi Karen: I really enjoyed last night’s session.  I remember doing a lot of what we did last night when we first met several years ago but it was still a good refresher (and it certainly made me think!). 

I can really see that I am stuck in a rut with not only with my image/clothes but actually in a lot of things in my life.  I have let my business take over so much of my time that I think I’ve forgotten to take care of myself in the process.


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