From Closet Chaos to Wardrobe Bliss

From Closet Chaos to Wardrobe Bliss!

There’s no time like NOW to make sense in your closet.

Are there clothes that stopped looking good on you… like 5 years ago?

Do you have items with price tags still on them?

What about clothes that don’t fit? Are sentimental and you can’t let go?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling your closet alone?

I invite you to join me as I show you important steps to having a closet that makes you smile, makes sense and frees you up! I am committed to helping you find the best way to maximize your clothing investments.

Here’s what you will get:

  • A live webinar class that is recorded so you can re-visit it time and again.
  • The time during this class to ask questions and participate.
  • Strategies for taking out the “emotional” baggage living in your closet.
  • Organizing tips to create more space.
  • Tip sheet on how to simplify getting dressed.
  • FREE e-book on editing your closet, ($9.97 value) that we will walk through together in our private facebook group.
  • Private Facebook group where you can post questions, pictures, get feedback, get extra tips and participate in live Q& A’s. (Priceless value)
  • FREE 30 minute one to one Zoom session with me, where we can go through 10 items from your closet, or answer any of your personal questions. Valued at ($75.00)

Your investment to simplifying getting dressed, having an organized closet, and having tips to take you there is only $97.00!!!

Plus BONUSES of $85.00 +

Why wait to get started? I invite you to join us now!

Questions? Email to :

Price: $97.00
Course starts on May 23rd with Karen Dorland, Image Magician you will learn how to go from Closet Chaos to Wardrobe Bliss

Free eBook with registration

eBook from Closet Chaos to Daily bliss by Karen Dorland