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      “Clothes mark the journey of our lives.” Brenda Kinsel

Colour analysis Colour analysis:

Learn how wearing your colours can be more magical than a beauty treatment! Colour is the most significant aspect of visual image.

Knowing what colours suit your skin undertone can make you look younger, more radiant and can actually give you more energy! During a colour analysis you are draped with various colours of cloth both in warm and cool tones to determine your skin undertone. Sometimes your skin will react like turning the pages of a book, you may look healthy and radiant or your skin may be washed out or have a yellow undertone and show lines and shadows on your face. Discovering what colours suit your undertone can help to save you time and money while shopping, helps in choosing accessories, makeup and even hair-color. When you begin to wear colours in your unique colour palette, you will begin to hear comments such as, “You look wonderful!”

A colour analysis takes approximately 90 minutes and you will take home a colour wallet valued at $45, to help make your shopping decisions much easier.

Personal style consultant York RegionPersonal style assessment:

What message do you want to convey… Sensuous, elegant, sporty, approachable, powerful?

Your personal style assessment is a tool for self discovery! Our personal style shows up in all areas of our life we just aren’t aware of it. It often shows up in our decorating and even the type of car we buy.

Over the years we tend to stuff our Spirit inside and choose our clothing according to current fashion trends or we have just given up on trying to find something that suits a changed body. Through various written exercises and conversation, you will uncover the dynamic woman inside you. When working with Karen, you will discover how to wear your style on the outside. Take your new style words shopping with you and hang them in your closet so your personality shows in your outfits and can shine out to the world every day. Bring your STYLE to the pages of your website, your photos… it’s your outer message to the world!

body type analysis York regionBody type assessment:

The body type assessment is one of Image Connections most popular workshops or consultations. Too often women are hiding their bodies in loose, baggy clothing. They have given up on finding clothes for a mature, curvy body or they try to disguise their menopausal middle with clothing that is unflattering.

During the body type assessment the only areas of your body that are measured are your wrist and your leg length. Karen is like a body psychic when it comes to helping you discover what to wear for your height, for your body shape, for your bone structure and your somatype. Knowing your body type gives you just the right solutions to eliminate the stress of what to wear or buy. With a body type assessment you will receive a booklet to work through as you and Karen work together. You can take your booklet home as a reminder and helpful aid when choosing new clothing or considering what clothing suits your body when putting together new outfits.

Image Consultant York regionCreating wardrobe modules:

This workshop or consultation really teaches you the SECRET on how to save time and money! Eliminate the stress of getting dressed every morning. How would you like to reach into your closet and have mix and match outfits ready to wear at any time? Discover how to make up to 12 or 14 outfits from just seven pieces of clothing. No longer will shopping cause you a headache. After learning how to create wardrobe modules you will now shop with intention! Wardrobe modules can be used when packing for travel, for business outfits, to make dating outfits, to make work out and leisure wear outfits. This is a must-have consultation or workshop to attend to give you just the right solution.

wardrobe consultationsCloset edit or shop your closet!

In this consultation Karen will visit your home and your closet. Don’t worry, Karen has worked over the years with all age types and all body types to get their closets in working order and to have fun creating new outfits. Together you will review your clothes to see what needs to be recycled, redefined, repaired or rejuvenated. First, we will determine if items are in your colour palette. Then, does the clothing suit your body type and does it fit any of your style words? You will learn to mix and match outfits using the clothing you have right now. During the closet edit you may make one wardrobe module or three outfits for a specific part of your lifestyle.

Fashion accessoriesAccessories, accessories:

While fashion trends may fade away… accessories are here to stay! Learn how to make your plain Jane outfits come alive and look pulled together with Karen’s magic one, two, three formula!

Learn the art of making your outfits really come together with the art of accessorizing. Take the mystery out of how to tie a scarf, how to wear a belt ,what accessories suit your body type and your bone structure. Should you wear chunky jewelry, average size jewelry or accessories that are delicate and refined? Enhance and honor your beauty and uniqueness by attending this workshop or consultation.

During this consultation with Karen, you will learn how to make your outfits ready in no time and have just the right accessories to complement them.

womens fashion 50+Sexy yet subtle:

Do you feel older than you really are? Are you feeling irrelevant or invisible? Or are you young at heart and yet don’t know how to show that on the outside without dressing like a 20-year-old? Are you buying drab colours and styles over and over again? Do you have a fear of looking like your mother? Attend this workshop or, book a consultation and discover what pieces in your wardrobe may be outdated, making you look matronly, and are holding you hostage in a time warp. This workshop or consultation is perfect for anyone over 50 years of age, who is interested in dating again, who wants to look current and up-to-date in business, who wants to match her young at heart Spirit to her wardrobe or who wants to really ignite that spark with her special someone. In a one-to-one consultation we will look at your clothing and eliminate those pieces that make you look matronly and dated and complete the consultation with planning three date outfits. During a group workshop you will see clothing pieces to avoid!

Fashion Feng ShuiFashion Feng Shui:

What would you like more of in your life… Money, Fun, Energy, or Time?

Karen is one of a handful of Canadians certified in this unique and powerful system!

In this workshop or one-to-one consultation, you will discover how the five elements of Feng Shui, earth, water, mental, wood and fire, can enhance your look and bring a personal dynamic to your wardrobe.

Do you want to be seen more in your work environment or your business?

Would you like to attract in more clients, money and success?

How about having more energy to complete your tasks, to work out at the gym and attain that well sculpted body?

Is having time for yourself and time to be with your family a priority?

Together with Karen, you can learn how to enhance any of the above areas by using Fashion Feng Shui techniques.

Bring more balance to your life by learning how to wear each of the five elements in your clothing.

Discover what your main personality element is and how to achieve that in your look.

To get the most benefit from this workshop or consultation… You must have a colour analysis and a body type analysis completed first.

You may book the above consultations individually or include one with the basic three hour package. For example, with the Bronze Basic package, you receive a personal style assessment and homework review plus a colour analysis or a body type assessment.

Reiki Treatment BradfordReiki Healing Session:

You may be wondering, “How does a Reiki healing session fit with image consulting?”

Reiki helps to bring balance to a person and in many cases some people may be more masculine in their energy and some people may be more feminine in their energy. Through Reiki, I help you to create balance, discover what areas and chakras in your body may be blocked and create an energy flow through your body. Remember… you are learning how to dress to bring out your authentic self and sometimes you need to be able to connect to the inside to fully bring your expression to the outside. It is very relaxing and soothing as well. A Reiki session takes about 90 minutes and is an investment of $75. When you book 5 appointments you receive your sixth session for $20. When you register for a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond- Plus Image Package, a Reiki session is included.

Fashion workshops York regionGroup workshops:

You are welcome to attend a group workshop presented by Karen Dorland, owner of Image Connections. All workshops are posted here on the website. The cost of each workshop is $97.50 including HST. Each workshop is approximately 2 1/2 hours and handouts are provided.

NOTE: A colour workshop does not include a personal colour analysis or colour wallet. However, you will receive $50.00 off your Colour analysis appointment which includes a free colour wallet.

Host your own group workshop by inviting a minimum of five women and receive your cost of the workshop at half price plus $100 off your next one on one consultation. Hosting your own workshop is easy… Please fill free to invite your group to join you at the Image Connections Studio in Barrie…Or in the comfort of your own home.

Customized Presentations:

Please contact Karen to speak at your Womens’ groups, church groups and network meetings.

Email:  contact me by phone at 905.775.7486, or use the contact tab here at the bottom of the page.

Signature Presentations:

  • Shop Smart…The What, When, How to a Great Shopping Experience!
  • 6 Key Elements to Being Authentically You!
  • Take 5 Years Off Your Driver’s License! …Dressing Tips and Tricks to a More Youthful Look.
  • How Do You Want to Be Seen…?


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