7 Steps to Confidence & Success with Style!

Dear Stylistas,

This is it! I am excited to be make these 7 Step classes available to you.

These are the steps I use when I work one to one with clients or in group workshops. If you worked one to one with me each would cost $250. That would be $1750. In group workshops the investment is $97 per person. Online I was offering the package for $397.

This NOW can be yours for $147.00 + HST

What has been holding you back from success? From feeling confident? From looking and feeling your best everyday?

I plan to address your style and wardrobe frustrations and challenges, and give you guidance, templates, formulas, tips and ideas. We meet once a week online for the classes and they are recorded as well. Plus there is a Q&A call between classes.

The topics covered are:

  1. Uncover Your Personality Style.
  2. Dress For Your Body Type
  3. The Power of Colour
  4. Detox Your Closet
  5. How to Create Wardrobe Modules…a cure for morning closet crisis
  6. Accessorize to Maximize, Energize & Individualize
  7. Pulling It All Together
  • Bonus: Q&A calls each week
  • Bonus: Private Facebook group to interact even more
  • Bonus: Courses are recorded.
  • BONUS: Introduction to Style class to start off the program!

I am so excited about the classes and the value they provide. It is time to Step into your confidence, self-esteem, success and your STYLE!

What can be holding you back from this great offer? Confidence?

Once you register for these classes it is up to you to be accountable to do the work. We all support one another in the Facebook group and on the Q&A calls. Have your questions ready.

You receive full benefit when you play full out!

Let’s get this Style Party started!






Who Do You Love Mama…Who Do You Love?

Welcome to February, the month of love. I am super excited because I totally love astrology and Mars, the fiery male planet, and Venus, the female planet of love, are merging together in Aries!!  Too much non-sense information?

Well not if I want to bring more love into your life… and I always do. I want you to fall in love with the person in the mirror.

Do you remember what  it feels like to be in love, in the beginning? The buoyant feeling you have. The excitement and the smiles. Wondering … what will I wear when we go out?  We actually spent time fussing over ourselves and putting outfits together. What happened?

Well you might say, menopause hit, I got divorced, my partner passed away, I became ill, I retired or I became a grandparent.  Whatever “The Life” happened to you, I am here to get you back on the self-love track.

Let’s start with what you have, your body.

In my last 2 videos, I talked about how negative women can be to themselves. Our self talk is a litany of “Don’t likes.”  We compare ourselves to other women and… often to younger women!

This month, in fact, today, I want you to highlight a feature about yourself that you LOVE.  Maybe it’s your décolleté. Are you wearing pieces that flatter your chest? Start wearing blouses with necklines that are flattering. Or add a statement necklace to your simple rounded neck top.


Perhaps you have long legs that you love. Wear pants in all kinds of fabrics like, velvet, jacquard and the new denim that is surfacing this spring.  Bring some loving attention to your body and highlight areas that make you feel like a ten!



It IS possible and I am here to help. Call me and we will work on this together.

BIG news for February:

To start you on your way to Spring fashion, I have 2 great FREE on-line events coming up.

  1. G.O.A.L.S  webinar. Discover some Fashion Fixes that you can implement right away and start attracting in goals you may have set this year. Goals like, lose weight, eat healthier, finding love, attracting in clients and saving money.
  2. Step Into Style 101… a 21 Day Style Challenge. Here is where you get a sneak peek into how I work one to one with clients. Jump into some of the questions and see what you discover. Try taking some baby steps into change. I will be right beside you because I am offering a private facebook group where I can answer questions and give more tips.

Both of these are FREE!! So register today!
Here is the link for the G.O.A.L.S. webinar, Step Into Style 101 will follow, so watch for it.

Thank you for sharing and liking my videos and remember I am also on Facebook LIVE on Sundays at 7 pm, EST. My show is called STYLIN SUNDAYS.


Spring Fashion – Are You a Colour Clash or a Colour Compliment?

what's wrong with this look?

What’s wrong with this look? Give me your feedback!

Spring is here and most of us are excited to be wearing lighter and brighter clothes.  Seeing the beautiful spring colours in the store windows brings a smile to my face. However, the colours featured in the spring fashion palette do not make my smile look bright, white and dazzling, because they are warm colours of peach, yellow, lime green and lilac. Since I have a “cool” skin undertone, I look sallow when I wear warm colours. Are You a Colour Clash or a Colour Compliment?

Wearing unflattering colours can make you look tired, older than your age and can actually deplete your energy.

When you wear clothing in colours that are too strong for your complexion, hair and eyes, they are the attention getters, not you. Bright or neon colors can seem to enter a room before you do. All anyone can see is the colour and you go missing.

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