3 Tips on How to Make a Quick Getaway!

It’s that time of year… and I wish I was high tailin’ it outta here!
This year though I am here for the winter and am just watching others leave for sunnier locations.
So I shall send my thoughts with you and give you some tips to make it easier to get away quick!

  • Have your make-up and face cleanser cases ready and prepared at all times. I have mine all set incase I need to stay over at a friend’s if I have an appointment an hour away and the weather may be nasty.

This is when the Dollar store comes in handy. I like the travel containers and I just fill them part way with my cleanser, moisturizer, shampoo and body lotion. I always have a small tube of hair product and a small hair spray. The mirror is from the Dollar store and is a magnifying mirror. I can’t do without it. It also has suction cups on the back to put on a hotel mirror, but I tend to forget them, so I just hold it.  I also have a few small flat packs of sample shampoo as well.  My make-up bag has duplicates of everything I use on a daily basis… eyeliner, eye brow pencil, blush, make-up brushes. I don’t need to grab what is on my bathroom counter.
Just like my wardrobe, it took a little planning, but now all I do is grab the cosmetic bags.

  • Are your carry-on suitcases ready? Once again, I have some pouches (from the Dollar store) already supplied with clean underwear, and another with socks. The socks are ankle socks and even a pair of panty hose. There is a small pouch with tea bags, Vitamin C and NyQuil incase I can’t sleep or I get stuffed up. I rarely ever take it, but it has come in handy.  These stay in my suitcase and when I return home, I empty them to wash and refill immediately.

In the shoulder carry-on, I have an extra pair of glasses, a small notebook, tissue, a snack bar and I always carry my Ipad in it, since I often read on the plane or have downloaded podcasts. And… if you know me, I will have a scarf tucked in there or it’s already around my neck.

  • Know what clothes are great to wear for traveling. Maybe you have already made a “Travel Module.” You can download my course… “How to Get the Most From the Clothes You Already Have” to learn how to create modules. You will refer to it again and again. Make a special section in your closet for comfortable travel clothes. Something I did last year when I was changing over my summer clothes to winter, was to put beach wear and a warm weather clothing capsule, in a plastic bin. All I had to do was pull it out! Voila!Have a great trip and tip up a Marguerita for me!


For added interest you may enjoy reading Stephanie’s newsletter on how to be organized for traveling.  READ HERE

Yours In Style,


P.S. I am at Oakridge Outfitters this Thursday Feb. 22 to give a presentation on Celebrating Your Shape… how to dress for your body type.   2 pm and 7 pm. Please RSVP me or the store: Oakridge Outfitters in Aurora.


3 Ways to Bring LOVE to Your Wardrobe

Wouldn’t it be fun to wake up every day and put on something you love? Wouldn’t it brighten your day and make you feel buoyant? It would be like Valentines Day in your closet.

That experience is absolutely possible.
I’ve got a few ways you can use that powerful love force and infuse your wardrobe with it so you’re happy to meet the day.

Shop for what you love

In order to have a wardrobe that’s filled with what you love you may need to change up your shopping habits. If you’re shopping on the run, you may be grabbing “just any old thing” rather than allowing yourself the time to try things on, look in the mirror and ask yourself the question, “Do I love this?” Or if you are taking the time to try things on, are you settling for the same old thing instead of exploring new possibilities? The best thing to do is give yourself some time to explore and have fun with clothes. Don’t settle for “okay” when you could enjoy clothing pieces and accessories that put a smile on your face every time you wear it.

Insist on wearing the colours you love most

Sometimes people will surround themselves in the colours they love when they’re decorating their home. While having wall paint or bed linens in your favorite colours is fabulous, how about having an ample amount of clothing pieces in your favorite colours? Or while you’re waiting to save up for the navy blue tufted velvet couch, find a top, pant or dress in navy blue and enjoy that colour right now. Be up-to-date with your love of colour. Maybe you used to be crazy about white but now you’re crazy about purple. You don’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe in purple. You can buy a few pieces that will satisfy you. This Spring’s pantone colour is Ultra Violet Purple.

Highlight a loved feature of yours

While much of the time we seem to focus on figure challenges, it’s great to take a break from that and focus on features you love about yourself. Maybe it’s your décolleté. Are you wearing pieces that flatter your chest? Wear flattering blouses or dresses with great necklines. A secret to one woman’s style is to focus on her long legs. She wears pants in all kinds of fabrics like lace, velvet, and jacquard. You have the power to direct attention wherever you want to. The bonus is that by focusing on what you love, those challenges just fade away.

On a scale of one to ten with ten being totally satisfied with your wardrobe and one being not at all satisfied, where does your wardrobe stand? Bringing some loving attention to it could be what’s needed to bring that number up to a resounding ten.

What’s Karen up to?

  • Mondays and Fridays at ZuZu Fashion Boutique at 25 Dunlop St. East, Barrie Come in and see me.
  • Thursday Feb. 22 I will be giving a presentation at Oakridge Outfitters in Aurora  2 p.m and 7 p.m.   “Do You Know Your Body Type and How to Dress It “   Limited seating   Free.
  • Sunday February 25 … taking my group of ladies from my course, 7 Steps to Confidence & Success with Style, shopping to put what they leaned into action
  • Monday February 26 Konversations With Karen

I am combining my expertise as an Image Consultant and working with women on the outside to shift how they feel inside, to adding my experience in dating and relationship and navigating women 50+ as they jump into the dating pool. I am your Love Strategist. Giving you strategies on your journey to setting your GPS to finding love!

Yours In Style,


5 Ways to Be Ready With the Perfect Wardrobe

I have been thinking about you a lot. Especially since we are just finishing up my 7 Steps to Confidence & Success with Style course.
Feedback like this is happening, “I’ve upped my fashion game back to the way I used to dress… and I feel a lot better. I thought that being so fat, that no matter what I wore I looked like a frump. But the last few days I’ve had compliments from people on how beautiful I look.”

Too often women go to put an outfit together and they’re not happy with one or more ingredients in their wardrobe or they’re simply missing pieces all together.
I don’t want you to struggle with getting dressed. You can struggle with the newest App on your phone, but don’t struggle with getting dressed.
Go through this checklist and see if you have your bases covered. If you don’t, I am here and ready to help.
My next 7 Steps class starts February 15.

  • Know what colours flatter your skin and make you look and feel youthful and radiant. Hear the compliment, “Wow, you look great today!” It also makes mixing and matching your clothes so much easier.
  • Let your personality shine! Do your clothes really represent who you are? Do they show your fun side? Or that you are a classic woman with some creativeness on the side?
  • Mix and match to create versatility using the clothes you already have. Creating wardrobe modules, is one of my favourite ways to get the most from the clothes in my closet. It is also something my clients love to learn and they appreciate the time and money it saves.
  • Accessorize to maximize, energize and individualize!  You can easily add energy and chic to a t-shirt and jeans just by adding accessories.  It is easy to add a trend through the use of accessories too. Add an animal scarf, or handbag to create a second glance. We could all wear a plain little black dress and yet it would look very different when we personalize it with our accessories. If you don’t know what accessories suit you, then this would be a class for you!
  • Putting it all together. How many times have you looked at a woman walking along the street, or across the room at networking and wish you could look as put together as she is? Well, you can, using my 3 is Key formula. Take the guess work out of how, when you see how simple I make it. Take an outfit from bland to spicey!

“Karen’s online course, 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style, is absolutely amazing. The tips, techniques and tidbits will astound you. Karen is truly an image magician and will help you in so many ways to love your closet again! Thanks Karen for everything!”   Debra Milne

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7 Ways to Look Stylish and Save Money

Join me February 15 for my 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style on line class.

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Here are 7 ways to get started:

  • Make the most of what is in your closet now. I know there are so many creative outfits waiting to be discovered in your closet. I bet there are even items with the tags still on them. Learn my mixability formula to get them out of your closet and on your body!
  • Confidence, joy and self-esteem are invaluable! If you felt more confident, what would you do? How would your life be different? Learning how to add spice to your typical plain jane look adds a jolt of joy. Accessories can do just that. Join the class and discover how to Accessorize to Maximize !
  • Gift yourself the treasure of time. Do you have time in the morning for a second cup of coffee, or to visualize your day and set your intentions? Pulling clothes on and off in a frenzy each morning only puts you in a bad mood. What would you do with extra Time and Calm to start your day?
  • STOP spending on expensive face creams and filler treatments to make yourself more youthful. When you wear colours that flatter your skin undertone, you look and feel more radiant, healthy, glowing and youthful.
  • SHINE… let your personality show through. Are you funny? Energetic? Elegant? Nurturing? An Adventuress? Let your outfits speak for your personal side. Be who you are… everywhere! When you discover your Personality Style, you feel more at home in your outfits.
  •  Attract in abundance. If you want to make a million, you have to look like a million. When you walk with confidence and look successful, you attract in clients and opportunities to take your business to a new level. If you own your business or are climbing the ladder to corporate success, this class is for you. Pulling It All Together, explains the 3 is Key formula to looking abundant with ease.
  • Invest in YOURSELF to save in the long run. Most women wear only 20% of what hangs in their closet. So much $ is wasted! What can you buy for $0.40 a day, that will take your style to a new level? Discover Style Secrets to build confidence, joy and savvy.

Invest in 7 Steps to Confidence  and Success with Style for only $147. That is only $0.40 a day over a year!

Here is what you get:

I am offering my online course, 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style. It begins February 15 and is at a special 2018 offer of $147.00. (regular $197) Register by February 12.

I am offering 2 new BONUSES with it too.

  • One hour call with me valued at $200
  • Special Spring Trend Report valued at $100
  • 7 weeks of classes plus a bonus introduction.* Personality Style, *The Power of Colour, *Detox Your Closet, *Creating Wardrobe Modules, *How to Dress for Your Body Type, *Accessorize to Maximize and *Pulling It All Together.
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  • Be ready for summer dressing by taking this course! Feel confident in your clothing choices. Mix and match to end the morning closet crisis.

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Yours In Style,



Thinking Spring? Think Ultra Violet!

Isn’t this warm weather a teaser for Spring? I am finding it difficult to wear heavy winter colours and the new Spring 2018 Pantone colour is Ultra Violet 18-3838. It is blue –based (yahoo). So I looked in my closet for a dose of purple to add to my basic grey.

I think Ultra Violet purple is a perfect choice for 2018 energetically.
 “Intuitive Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.” Leatrice Eiseman

We are embracing a new energy that takes our awareness to a new level.
Purple has always been associated with creativeness, spirituality and royalty.
Purple has been associated with unconventionality too; think David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and of course Prince’s Purple Rain.
This is a year to spark your imagination and push your creative button!
From a spiritual aspect, it is a time for us to envelope mindfulness and deeper connection to those around us and in the world.
What is your version of purple? Is it Lilac, Lavender, deep Plum? Are you warm or cool based? Don’t know?

Call for me for a Colour Analysis. 905-775-7486 or email Karen@imageconnections.ca

I am offering my online course, 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style. It begins February 15 and is at a special 2018 offer of $147.00. (regular $197) Register by February 12.

I am offering 2 new BONUSES with it too.

  • One hour call with me valued at $200
  • Special Spring Trend Report. Value of $100

What you get:

  • 7 weeks of classes plus a bonus introduction: *Personality Style,
  • *The Power of Colour
  • * Detox Your Closet
  • *Creating Wardrobe Modules
  • *How to Dress for Your Body Type
  • *Accessorize to Maximize
  • *Pulling It All Together.
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and encourage others
  • Be ready for summer dressing by taking this course! Feel confident in your clothing choices. Mix and match to end the morning closet crisis.

Original cost of the course was $397 + bonuses = $697

Special 2018 offer is $147!


Dreams and Challenges for 2018

Would you like to save money? What would you use it for… travel, a new car, a new update in your home?

I have been drooling over a trip to Bali that I saw offered and at this time of year I would so love to be there!

I have been taking a closer look at where I spend money so I can pay attention to my spending and begin to put away funds for travel, since that is what I love to do.  And then… send you pictures of places and fashions that I see around the world.

I really enjoy using Instagram and seeing the styles that women are posting but…I wonder how they can possibly wear a different outfit each day. Also, is it encouraging us to feel that we need to buy more? To continue the brainwashing of media that we aren’t good enough without the latest trends? Many of these stylists are sponsored by clothing companies and it disappoints me at times.

Our closets are already crammed with clothes we don’t wear, landfill sites that are overflowing and creating ever increasing pollution due to the production of cheap clothing.

This year I am challenging myself to avoid buying clothes on impulse. I am planning to frequent vintage and consignment shops and I am going to use my planning modules every week in order to mix and match what I already have more effectively.

It makes me feel good to re-use what I have! What about you? Do you wear 100%, 80% or even 20% of what you have in your closet?

I can help you create a wardrobe that you wear 100% and we can do it one to one or online!

I am offering a 2018 SPECIAL just for you! I am once again offering my online course 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style. It will begin February 1.

It is regular $197 and I am offering it as a special for $147 with UPGRADES! Register by January 30 to get in!

Here is what you get:

  • 7 weeks of classes plus a bonus introduction: Personality Style, The Power of Colour, Detox Your Closet, Creating Wardrobe Modules, How to Dress for Your Body Type, Accessorize to Maximize and Pulling It All Together
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and encourage others
  • BONUS: Special Spring Trend report!
  • BONUS: One hour call with me over Zoom (valued at $200)
  • Be ready for summer by taking this course now!

“I cannot wait to go clothes shopping again… and I haven’t said that in many, many years. Thank you so much… and to think I have only one session under my belt!!! You rock, Karen!” Debra Milne

Register here for my course, 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style.

Also… please join my private Facebook group, Level Up Your Image in Business, Life and LOVE. Be part of a community of women who are positive, encouraging and ready to take their style and self love to a new level.

Yours In Style, Karen

Finding Your Magic For 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to the energy of 2018. So many new beginnings!

What aspirations do you have for 2018? How do you want to be seen? What would you like your style to say about you?

In my class 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style, we worked on discovering Style words and the response was very positive! Stay tuned for an online version for you too, coming up in the near future!

Something I like to do on New Years Day is to think about my WORD for 2018. Last year I chose Magical. This year my word is LOVE!

My work will be encompassing a new online course, “Set Your GPS to Love… 8 steps to attracting in a loving relationship.” I am also looking to attract a loving partner into my life and my mantra is “BE LOVE.”

So, although you will see some transitions in my business, the basics of the image consulting is still there because the basis is loving and accepting yourself, just as you are NOW!

Before you can attract in love, you must be able to love yourself.

You will still receive a weekly newsletter on Style and added to that will be a Friday Love Letter, which I hope you will still subscribe to.

Whether you are looking for love or are already in a relationship, the ideas are to help everyone ignite and keep, love in their life.

Today I also started a new Vision board for 2018 and am sharing it here.

If you have chosen a word for 2018, please share it with me. I love to know what my beautiful group of women friends are setting in motion.

Don’t forget to join the private Facebook group, Level Up Your Image in Business, Life and Love and see what others are doing. It is fun to share, comment and encourage.

Thank you for being part of my online world and I wish you all the best for 2018!

Yours In Style,


P.S. If you have a friend who is single and looking to attract in love, please share my newsletter with her and tell her about my facebook page!


Does Size Really Matter?

As an image professional, I see fresh fashion come into the stores each season. When I get my clients into the dressing room to try on these new styles, I often bring in two or three sizes of the same piece. What I know from experience is that I can’t rely on sizes being equal in every brand.

My goal is to get my client into the best fitting pant, top, dress, or jean. When she goes home with a shopping bag of new clothes, items could be in four or five different sizes. What I know is that she looks great in these new pieces. They fit well, they flatter her figure and that’s what matters.

Yet sizes can be such a stumbling block for women. If they’ve always been a size 10, they are loath to go up a size even if it looks better on them. They reject fit and comfort and want to squeeze into that size 10 no matter the image cost.

Let’s talk about that cost. When the seams of a garment are straining, this is what people may surmise: This woman must be out of touch or maybe she doesn’t care how she looks. The same can be said about the woman who wears baggy, ill-fitting clothes.

People size you up in seconds and if you look uncomfortable or out of touch in your clothes then your image as a confident, successful person drops. Doubt comes into the picture. Your reputation takes a blow.

This is too big a price to pay for trying to fit into a garment that matches a number you’re used to instead of fiddling with different sizes to find the piece that most lines up with the shape of your body. For a woman wearing clothes that are too big, she may not trust the new sizes I’m putting her into because she has that same hold about “being” a certain size.

Where do you suppose this obsessive hold on size comes from? More than once, a woman has shared with me that her husband or mother was obsessed with her being a certain size. And if she wasn’t that size, she spent years and years not accepting herself or loving herself as she was.

Women in bigger clothes may feel a need to hide or protect themselves. Gently exploring how it feels to be visible in clothes that fit properly could drastically change this pattern.

I’ve also heard from women who tell me that their daughters are obsessed with size and calories before they are even in their teens. Sometimes that’s a wakeup call to Moms who have been so hard on themselves. They see the pain and pattern of self-criticism their daughters are starting to develop.

This I know: Your body is aching to feel accepted just as it is, today, right now. You can give your body that gift by adorning it in clothes that fit and flatter. It’s a fallacy to think that being a certain size is the only time you’ll be attractive. It’s best to drop any expectation you have about sizing.

The way clothes are sized is continually changing. I may have more experience in this than you do because I’m in the stores and in dressing rooms with women of all sizes during my workweek.

When you take the focus off of size, you can actually see the beauty in clothes: their design, details, textures, patterns, and lines. Focus on beauty and style first. Don’t give “size” any energy.

My aim is to help you look great in clothes. It may be easier to tackle this with a coach like me by your side. If you’ve been in clothes that are too big on you, can you imagine having more fun with clothes, being more visible? If you’ve struggled with sizing and fit, would it be great to get a professional’s perspective?

I am here for you! Let me help you get the best looks for your body and help you find the self-love that’s been waiting in the wings ready to be showered on you.

Happy Holidays! Enjoy them fully!

Yours In Style,

5 Holiday Outfits Using Your Favorite Fall Trends

Are you ready to start putting together a few holiday outfits? Inspiration is as close as the fall trends you may have already added to your wardrobe. Here are 5 key pieces to work into your fun holiday looks.

  1. Red. This vibrant color turns festive during the holidays. Try a red dress or red lips; either one gets attention.


  1. Fabric shoe. Pull out that beautiful brocade flat or embroidered mule to wear with your classic satin cigarette pant. The shoe will be the conversation starter. 


  1. Dark nail polish. Get a fresh manicure and go for a color that is deep and dramatic. Shades of purple, Bordeaux, or cranberry add allure to your fingers. Imagine how beautiful they’ll look as you hold your glass of party punch.


  1. Blush. Wear shades of blush from head to toe in a monochromatic outfit. This romantic color turns dramatic when it’s the only hue you’re wearing. You’ll be turning heads the minute you walk through the door.                   


  1. Pearl embellishment. Lucky you that you bought that black sweater or skirt with pearl embellishment. It’s the perfect key piece to wear with black pumps. Pearl embellished handbags, heels, booties, or sweaters are all acceptable choices for a holiday gathering.

I am happy to help you shop your closet to get your holiday outfits prepared well in advance so you won’t be stressing out over what to wear this holiday season.

Watch my videos on Youtube or my Facebook page to see how I style some of these ideas and more. I show you relaxed and comfortable outfits or more sparkle and glam ideas.

Haven’t joined my PRIVATE Facebook group yet? Do it now!!

Level Up You Image in Business, Life and Love.



The 3 B’s in Business

There are 3 important B’s to include in your business if you wish to be successful. They will help you to stand out and attract in those who REALLY want to work with you.

I have been to many events where there are numerous people giving presentations and have wondered about specific people and have been happy to finally see them on stage. However, I have often been sorely disappointed when women wear clothes that just are not appropriate to the situation or to their business.

The same applies to attending network meetings. You are presenting yourself to others more VISUALLY than verbally.

  1. Be Seen

Far too many women wear all black. Add some colour. Add some jewelry. Maybe a unique pair of earrings or a pin.

I just had a client email me with a picture of all the people in the room behind her. She said, “Karen, ever since I worked with you, I see people wearing so much black. Here I am at a training session for business leaders and look… I am standing out in my beautiful blue dress!”

I am sure if there were clients wandering through that room, they would be attracted to her for her uniqueness and approachability. Plus… they could SEE her!

  1. Be Authentic

Who are you? Do your clothes speak about your personality? Believe me, your appearance will speak for you. If you have scuffed shoes, split fingernails, rumpled or stained clothes, the message you send it, “I am NOT a detail person.”

Are you creative? Then wear something creative… unusual glasses, shoes, handbag or scarf. You don’t need to be over the top.

Are you lost in the past or scrimping on looking current? It shows! You probably know your business inside out but if you are wearing old jackets that don’t fit well or are dated with big shoulder pads, then you look dated and that is the message you send out to others.

  1. Be More Confident

Are you nervous about meeting others at networking? Are you nervous about closing a sale? Are you nervous about giving that 30 second introduction?

Well, let your appearance carry you! When you dress in clothes that FIT you, FLATTER you, are in a COLOUR that suits you, it helps to raise your confidence vibration. Have a wardrobe capsule of clothes that are just for networking, meeting clients or giving presentations. Try your clothes on the day before and set them out, ready to go.

When you look good, you feel good!

I am happy to help you achieve the 3 B’s in your business. You can start right away by enrolling in my online course:

7 Steps to Confidence & Success with Style.

It is available to purchase by Dec. 6, 2017 , then the doors close until next year. Available for $197.00

Please visit my website www.imageconnections.ca for more details.

Follow me on Facebook and I invite you to join my private group “ Level Up Your Image in Business, Life & Love.

Yours In Style,