Karen Dorland, Image ConnectionsWelcome into my world of transformation! The world is constantly changing and in motion. In order to move along with the times, we need to embrace change, as we see our bodies, our families, our relationships and our surroundings evolve around us.

I see women struggling with these changes and I myself have and still am walking the journey of change and each step is transforming me into the wise woman I have yearned to become. Accepting me as I am and falling in love with the woman I see each day in the mirror is ongoing.

I love working with women 50 plus because I feel I can relate to where they are in their life and can relate to some of the pain and challenges they face. I have raised 3 boys, been through a divorce when I was 40, experienced loneliness and the trepidation of dating again, found a great and wonderful love at 47 only to lose him to cancer 13 years later.

So here I am embracing being 60, retiring from over 30 years of teaching and starting on a whole new journey! It is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time!

My journey has led me to become an Image Consultant, Reiki Master, relationship expert, workshop leader and soon to be the author of the book, “Set Your GPS to Love.”

I have been a dedicated journaler and meditator for over 20 years and begin each day writing my “Morning Pages,” as suggested by author Julia Cameron in her book, “The Artist’s Way.”

I believe that self-love is the starting point for all healing and forward movement in building confidence, self-esteem, and healthy relationships.

Through my caring, yet direct approach when working with clients and my vision of seeing the possibilities for my clients, I am able to lead them to think beyond where they are and envision where they would like to be in life.

I know that what you shift on the outside changes something within as well and vice versa.

My professional background as a teacher for over 30 years includes teaching children with learning challenges and autism. I have combined teaching, entrepreneurial skills, business and life experiences from more than 30 years, to design programs that enrich and empower my clients and participants.

My intention is to continue to develop and teach programs to assist women to step into being 100% responsible for loving and honouring themselves.

My combination of journaling, image consulting, (which includes specializing in colour analysis, dressing for your body type, closet editing, and Fashion Feng Shui) and meditating make my classes unique.

I mindfully and joyfully travel through life, living and learning through what I teach!

Yes, life is a journey to be embraced, the joy, the challenges and the love.

I invite you to step into transforming yourself into the beautiful woman who is inside you so the world can meet her too.

I earned my teaching certificate from Nippissing University in 1971.

I studied image consulting with Karen Brunger at the International Image Institute, Evana Maggiore owner and author of Fashion Feng Shui, Alyce Parsons of Universal Style and I continue to mentor with Brenda Kinsel author, coach, and owner of Brenda Kinsel ETC.

I have also completed leadership and self-development courses with Klemmer and Associates and studied neuro-linguistic programming with NLP Canada.

More more information on my professional background, I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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