5 Ways to Be Ready With the Perfect Wardrobe

I have been thinking about you a lot. Especially since we are just finishing up my 7 Steps to Confidence & Success with Style course.
Feedback like this is happening, “I’ve upped my fashion game back to the way I used to dress… and I feel a lot better. I thought that being so fat, that no matter what I wore I looked like a frump. But the last few days I’ve had compliments from people on how beautiful I look.”

Too often women go to put an outfit together and they’re not happy with one or more ingredients in their wardrobe or they’re simply missing pieces all together.
I don’t want you to struggle with getting dressed. You can struggle with the newest App on your phone, but don’t struggle with getting dressed.
Go through this checklist and see if you have your bases covered. If you don’t, I am here and ready to help.
My next 7 Steps class starts February 15.

  • Know what colours flatter your skin and make you look and feel youthful and radiant. Hear the compliment, “Wow, you look great today!” It also makes mixing and matching your clothes so much easier.
  • Let your personality shine! Do your clothes really represent who you are? Do they show your fun side? Or that you are a classic woman with some creativeness on the side?
  • Mix and match to create versatility using the clothes you already have. Creating wardrobe modules, is one of my favourite ways to get the most from the clothes in my closet. It is also something my clients love to learn and they appreciate the time and money it saves.
  • Accessorize to maximize, energize and individualize!  You can easily add energy and chic to a t-shirt and jeans just by adding accessories.  It is easy to add a trend through the use of accessories too. Add an animal scarf, or handbag to create a second glance. We could all wear a plain little black dress and yet it would look very different when we personalize it with our accessories. If you don’t know what accessories suit you, then this would be a class for you!
  • Putting it all together. How many times have you looked at a woman walking along the street, or across the room at networking and wish you could look as put together as she is? Well, you can, using my 3 is Key formula. Take the guess work out of how, when you see how simple I make it. Take an outfit from bland to spicey!

“Karen’s online course, 7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style, is absolutely amazing. The tips, techniques and tidbits will astound you. Karen is truly an image magician and will help you in so many ways to love your closet again! Thanks Karen for everything!”   Debra Milne

7 Steps to Confidence and Success with Style. It begins February 15 and is at a special 2018 offer of $147.00. (regular $197) Register by February 12.

I am offering 2 new BONUSES with it too.

  • One hour call with me valued at $200
  • Special Spring Trend Report. Value of $100

What you get:

  • 7 weeks of classes plus a bonus introduction: *Personality Style,
  • *The Power of Colour
  • * Detox Your Closet
  • *Creating Wardrobe Modules
  • *How to Dress for Your Body Type
  • *Accessorize to Maximize
  • *Pulling It All Together.
  • Private Facebook group to ask questions and encourage others
  • Be ready for summer dressing by taking this course! Feel confident in your clothing choices. Mix and match to end the morning closet crisis.

Original cost of the course was $397 + bonuses = $697

Special 2018 offer is $147!




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