The 3 B’s in Business

There are 3 important B’s to include in your business if you wish to be successful. They will help you to stand out and attract in those who REALLY want to work with you.

I have been to many events where there are numerous people giving presentations and have wondered about specific people and have been happy to finally see them on stage. However, I have often been sorely disappointed when women wear clothes that just are not appropriate to the situation or to their business.

The same applies to attending network meetings. You are presenting yourself to others more VISUALLY than verbally.

  1. Be Seen

Far too many women wear all black. Add some colour. Add some jewelry. Maybe a unique pair of earrings or a pin.

I just had a client email me with a picture of all the people in the room behind her. She said, “Karen, ever since I worked with you, I see people wearing so much black. Here I am at a training session for business leaders and look… I am standing out in my beautiful blue dress!”

I am sure if there were clients wandering through that room, they would be attracted to her for her uniqueness and approachability. Plus… they could SEE her!

  1. Be Authentic

Who are you? Do your clothes speak about your personality? Believe me, your appearance will speak for you. If you have scuffed shoes, split fingernails, rumpled or stained clothes, the message you send it, “I am NOT a detail person.”

Are you creative? Then wear something creative… unusual glasses, shoes, handbag or scarf. You don’t need to be over the top.

Are you lost in the past or scrimping on looking current? It shows! You probably know your business inside out but if you are wearing old jackets that don’t fit well or are dated with big shoulder pads, then you look dated and that is the message you send out to others.

  1. Be More Confident

Are you nervous about meeting others at networking? Are you nervous about closing a sale? Are you nervous about giving that 30 second introduction?

Well, let your appearance carry you! When you dress in clothes that FIT you, FLATTER you, are in a COLOUR that suits you, it helps to raise your confidence vibration. Have a wardrobe capsule of clothes that are just for networking, meeting clients or giving presentations. Try your clothes on the day before and set them out, ready to go.

When you look good, you feel good!

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