3 Do’s and Don’t’s to Create More Revenue in Your Business

How is your business doing? Are you at the success level you want?
Do you get up excited each day because you can’t wait to start and the energy flow is SO positive it excites you?

Or… do you have some nights when you don’t sleep because you are tossing in anxiety thinking about the next day, wondering how you will attract in clients, or wondering how on earth you will finally feel like a success?

I hear and read about “ALLOWING” the money and success to come in, but if we are stressed in any way about it, we block the abundance. It is easier said than done.

I truly believe when we can relax IN ourselves, we then attract in the clients, the smooth sailing and the joy in our business. I should know… I am the worry Queen! I am a Virgo. I am a Royal in face-reading! I am the perfectionist! Let it go Karen!!!
So do I have some strategies? Yes. I know when I like the woman I see in the mirror, my confidence steps up. I know I need to do some planning ahead, of outfits, food, exercise and my week.

Here are some ideas for you to get started:

  • DO let your personality shine through. You won’t attract in everyone. In fact, you don’t want to. You want clients who want to work with you and who will take your suggestions and work with them. Your personality shines through in what you wear.
    DON”T hide yourself in all black or clothes that don’t suit you. That keeps you hiding from people.
  • DO wear colour that is soft and approachable. Like blues, that say credible, trustworthy. Like pinks or peaches that say feminine, I hear you.
    DON”T wear black and white so much. It isn’t an approachable outfit. It says, I am black and white and have no     room for discussion. When you need to be stern, wear it. J
  • DO wear a piece of jewelry, a scarf, a handbag or shoes that may lead someone up to you to comment on them. It is a great conversation starter. It attracts that person over to you.
    DON’T take your RBF (resting bitch face lol) with you. Practise smiling, a lot, even if it feels phony.

Step into your possibilities and opportunities YOUniquely.

I would love to help you do just that… dress to attract in more clients and success. I am offering an online course and you get me for 8 weeks to help you navigate into who you are or can be.
And… it is a ridiculously AFFORDABLE because I truly want to see women be successful.

Register before Dec. 1 to have this course for $147 .
7 Steps to Confidence & Success with Style    Let me help take you there.

Yours In Style,


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