Do You Buy Straight Off the Mannequin?

Are you one of those people who see something on a mannequin and think, “Yes, I like that! I am going to get it.”
Well, stop and think of what might be also going on in your head at that time.

It looks amazing on the mannequin because she is slim (a stick in fact with NO lumps or bumps). In your head you are imagining what it would be like to have a body like that.

The colours are bright and cheerful.
You are thinking, “I need more colour in my wardrobe. I feel good just looking at this top.”

Everything just works on this mannequin. The outfit goes together, even the accessories!
You are thinking, “I don’t know how to look pulled together. I will just get the whole outfit and be done. I don’t  even have to think about accessories.”

Well, you are not alone! I hear over and over from clients, that they buy straight off the mannequin and then are not too happy with the results when they get home and put it on their own body.
Let me tell you a recent story.

When I work with clients I send them 4 questions to answer, after they have sent me a deposit to hold and confirm their appointment.
One of the questions is: Bring an item that you think you SHOULD wear and don’t. What is it?

My client brought in a lovely top. It is brightly coloured, is a flowy fabric with a slit in the sleeve, has BIG flower shapes on it and has elastic at the bottom to make it billow a little.

We had just done a colour analysis for her and talked a little about body shape. She is a petite height, has gained in the middle with menopause. Oh yes, let’s not forget we also talked a bit about her personality… she likes to be in control!

Then I explained WHY she didn’t wear it.

  1. She is short and the flowers are too big and overpowering.
  2. It isn’t in her colour palette.
  3. It flows like water ( Fashion Feng Shui) and since you can’t control water, she felt out of control when she wore it.
  4. The billowy shape and elastic at the bottom made her tummy area stand out.

She had a few Ah Ha moments here and we had a few laughs!

This is part of the reason I LOVE working with women. I help you see yourself in all your YOUnique aspects and you learn what suits you, what makes you feel confident, what makes you smile and feel fabulous. That is what clothes are to do.

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One thought on “Do You Buy Straight Off the Mannequin?

  1. I can certainly relate to this story. I think many women look at mannequins and forget that they are portraying perfect shape and size and their pastey colouring can be made to look good with any colour.

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