Too Hot For Capris or Jeans?

What Are You Wearing This Holiday Weekend?

It is the May long weekend here in Ontario and the weather is finally matching the date!

Are you traveling to a cottage? Visiting friends? Maybe sightseeing?

Here in Barrie, it is beautiful to walk at the waterfront and the restaurants with their street patios are pulsing with energy.

What do you wear to enjoy a weekend or dinner outside at your local restaurant?

Are you already finding it a challenge to know what to wear in the heat and still feel comfortable and in style?

I am going to share my “go to” dresses with you! I really enjoy wearing longer dresses. They fall nicely to cover my tummy area, and cover my legs. So I look dressy, yet relaxed.

Yes, being only 5’0, can sometimes pose a problem with finding long dresses, however, they are out there!

For a cool evening, you can pair your dress with the popular look of a jean jacket.

To get started on discovering styles for the summer, I invite you to join me in a closet edit, so you know what is hiding in there!

I am offering an online class called From Closet Chaos to Wardrobe Bliss and would love to have you join me!

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • A live webinar class that is recorded so you can re-visit it time and again.
  • Time during this class to ask questions and participate.
  • Strategies for taking out the “emotional” baggage living in your closet.
  • Organizing tips to create more space.
  • Tip sheet on how to simplify getting dressed.
  • FREE e-book on editing your closet, ($9.97 value) that we will walk through together in our private facebook group.
  • Private Facebook group where you can post questions, pictures, get feedback, get extra tips and participate in live Q& A’s. (Priceless value)
  • FREE 30 minute one to one Zoom session with me, where we can go through 10 items from your closet, or answer any of your personal questions. Valued at ($75.00)

Your investment to simplifying getting dressed, having an organized closet, and having tips to take you there is only $97.00!!!

Plus BONUSES of $85.00 +

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Yours In Style,


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