5 Invaluable Questions For Anyone With Too Many Clothes

Are you one of those women with too many clothes and still nothing to wear?

Why do you think you continue to buy clothes when you have so many?

Is your closet so crammed that you just can’t see in your” forest” of clothes, what can go with what?

Here are some questions to write down on a card and post in your closet. Or… print this off and have it ready.

Then each time you reach in and take out something that makes you go “ummm?” Ask yourself these…

1.    Does it fit me? NOW?

2.    Have I worn it in the past year?

3.    If I saw it in a store, would I buy it again?

4.    Does it flatter me? In colour? For my body type?

5.    Is it functional for my lifestyle?

I am offering an online class called From Closet Chaos to Wardrobe Bliss and would love to have you join me!

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • A live webinar class that is recorded so you can re-visit it time and again.
  • Time during this class to ask questions and participate.
  • Strategies for taking out the “emotional” baggage living in your closet.
  • Organizing tips to create more space.
  • Tip sheet on how to simplify getting dressed.
  • FREE e-book on editing your closet, ($9.97 value) that we will walk through together in our private facebook group.
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Yours in Style,



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