3 Ways To Be Kind To Your Clothes And The Earth

eco laundering tipsIn my last blog, I shared 3 eco-friendly shopping tips. In this blog we’ll continue talking about ways to be kind to your clothes and to the earth.  Below are 3 tips I hope you will find useful.

I find as I mature, and my body changes, I need better quality clothes that suit my body, style and be age–appropriate. Better quality means spending more on core items. So … I want those classic, core items to last! As well, I want to continue to enjoy the changing seasons and the beauty that Mother Nature provides us. After all, most of us love fashion and the chance to dress for the seasons; especially here in Canada with the change of seasons. It is fun and a new discovery when I change up the clothes in my closet from summer to winter. I can look at items in a new way and see how I can fit what I have into a new style for that year.

We hear about, and experience global warming. What can we do to protect our environment, which includes, the air we breathe, the weather, the water systems, less garbage, and in general being more aware? I became VERY aware of what I was using in my laundry when I had my first baby, over 38 years ago. Here are the 3 tips:

Eco-Care Laundering Tips

1. Get in the habit of using your electric dryer less. Hang drying straight out of the washing machine has many benefits. Not only will your clothes have a longer life, you’ll be reducing energy consumption. Dryers can fade colors fast and are harder on the fibers of your clothes, especially now that we have spandex in so many items. Use an outdoor clothesline when possible and you’ll get hooked on the fresh smell Nature gives you for free! Or, purchase a drying stand…something I use all year round. Also, drying sheets are very harmful to the environment and your clothes. Look for bio-degradable dryer sheets if you must use them.

2. Consider changing laundry detergents. “Green” products are marketed to have fewer harmful chemicals and are biodegradable. These products aren’t seen as health-food products anymore. Major grocery stores now carry eco-friendly detergents. However, please carefully read the labels. Not all are up to the quality they advertise.

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I have used Shaklee products for over 30 years and know I have put little to no harmful chemicals into the fiber of my clothes and I have been more kind to the Earth.

Newer washing machines have lots of energy saving features. Is it time to consider purchasing a new home appliance to support your efforts to be kind to the environment? (Note: I bought a new energy efficient wash machine and I greatly disliked it. First, it took longer to go through the cycles and it left white marks on my clothes. So, I had to use 2 rinse cycles. That is NOT what I call energy efficient. It also didn’t have a center gyrator.) so do your research before purchasing.

3. Make a conscious effort to avoid purchasing garments that need to be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning puts an extra burden on the environment and adds to the cost of your garments over time. People get in the habit of taking things to the dry cleaners when all they really need is to be aired out. You can do this outdoors on your patio in summer, or hang items over your shower rod and let the steam refresh your clothes. Curtailing a reliance on dry cleaning helps the environment.

I am here to help you make smart decisions and guide you to being eco-responsible. I would love to have you share your eco ideas as well. You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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Resources: Laundry detergent, fabric sheets and bio-degradable cleaners… I usually don’t promote products like these but I am a big fan of Shaklee. If you would like assistance to order, let me know or use my sponsor code CQ72385. Sloan Barnett wrote a book called “Green Goes With Everything.” It is a very useful source and guide.

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