3 Eco-Care Shopping Tips

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You care about fashion, and you care about the environment. You love all seasons: Nature’s season and the fashion seasons. But what if there was a conflict between the two? Awareness is growing about the relationship between these two. Some people feel “fast fashion” is contributing to landfills. More and more we’re seeing clothing made from “new” resources like bamboo, hemp, and soy. So, what should you look for when you’re shopping? Should you even be shopping? What if your fashion habits were harming the earth? No one wants to contribute to landfills, poison the air, or threaten natural resources. If these issues have been on your mind, here are the first 3 tips to help you feel like you’re protecting the environment while enjoying your fashion and style.

Eco-Care Shopping Tips

1. Sustainable Materials in Fashion Lines

Some leading designers are passionate about using sustainable materials in their fashion lines. If this is important to you too, do your research to learn more. Some search terms to use are:

  • sustainable fashion
  • eco-friendly fashion
  • vegan fashion

To begin to understand the part garment workers are playing in the role of delivering fashion to your local stores, consider learning more through places like the Ethical Trading Initiative. Understanding where your fashion comes from will give you more choice to support the companies that value what you value.

Perhaps you can look into finding Canadian made clothing and search out some stores that carry these lines. I know the Diva Den in North Bay has a great selection of Canadian made clothing.

2. Wardrobe Inventory

Before you go shopping for more things, determine what your needs are. Take a wardrobe inventory to raise awareness about what you have and what’s missing. A few well-chosen items may be all you need to get maximum enjoyment from your wardrobe. An image consultant can show you how to work your wardrobe so it better serves your needs. You’ll make fewer mistakes.
Learn how to put together Wardrobe Modules which are so very useful to help you determine what you really need and what is missing from your closet.

One of my favourite activities to do with my clients is to develop wardrobe modules. My clients are always amazed at how the formula I use zones right in on what is missing.

3. Shopping for your Personal Style

Start by shopping smarter and focus on your style. Don’t fall for trends that will come and go. Items that support your personal style will stay with you season after season, and you won’t tire of them. When you’re confident about your style, you’re less tempted to get into a habit of shopping all the time, buying into fast fashion, and spending money on cheap items that you throw away after one season. If you’re unclear about your style, an image consultant can help you understand it so you focus your purchases on one’s that are sustainable to you. That’s being eco-friendly!

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