5 Lesser Known Reasons to Have a Colour Analysis

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You can tell the difference between a colour that looks good on you and one that doesn’t simply because people compliment you on some shades and never on others. But there’s so much more to colour than simply what might look good on you or not. The world of colour has been studied for ages. Wouldn’t it be fun to know which colours you could wear to help you appear more confident than you currently feel, be more approachable to people, attract in more business and increase your energy? Below are 5 lesser known reasons to have a colour analysis.

Last week a friend asked how she could wear all black and not deplete her energy. That certainly got a response from the other women at our table! What? Black depletes energy?
Yes, wearing too much black can and especially if it is not in your colour palette.
My answer to her was: wear underwear in your colour palette, or wear a scarf or jewelry that will bring in colour near her face.

That question led to another, which in turn had me discussing how the particular colour palettes often match or enhance a person’s personality. Colour can add strength to you and give you added confidence or soften you and make you more approachable.

Here is a story of a client: She has warm colouring and is an Autumn. Her personality is also warm and outgoing. So, she is congruent with the colours she wears.  Also, her chosen profession is in healing and counseling. People open up to her, that is a good thing! Wearing brown, golds and peaches are welcoming, grounding and comforting, so what a perfect combination of personality, job choice and honouring of her colouring… she is definitely bringing congruency to all areas. Even her choice of decorating in her home is in line with her colour palette.

The usual reasons to invest in having a colour analysis is that it is easier to mix and match clothes. It saves you time and money. You look radiant, healthy and more youthful. But there are also less known benefits such as:

1. Wearing colours in your colour palette increases your energy.
2. Wearing colours that honour your undertone also enhance your personality.
3. You look more approachable, trustworthy and credible which in turn can increase your business because you attract in more clients.
4. You are more congruent in your overall look and people see you and hear your message.
5. It can build confidence.

Is it time to invest in yourself now? Do you want to increase your confidence? Your business? Your energy?

I would be happy to help you discover your POWER colours and open up a whole new world of discovery!

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