Do You Have Closetitis?… 3 Tips to Fixing Your Closet

style consultant york regionIt’s one of the most common problems I hear about: Having a closet stuffed with clothes but only a handful of outfits that one feels okay about wearing out in public. How does this happen? How do clothes gather in a closet and never get worn? Is it a shopping problem? Is it a problem of not knowing what or where to buy, to get a proper fit? Maybe everyone is suffering from”closetitis.” Everything in the closet seems to be infected and the result is that nothing looks good. No matter what you put on, nothing works. Below are 3 tips to fixing what’s wrong in your closet.

Imagine life on another planet, where there is no closetitis. Here’s what things might look like on that planet. Instead of dreading the act of opening your closet doors every morning, you love it!
Instead of seeing four outfits you could wear, you can mix and match to have forty-four choices.
You are amazed at how everything flatters your body as if your clothes were all handmade just for you. You have clothes for every part of your lifestyle. You never complain about not having something to wear.

Does this sound too much like fantasy to you? It can be real… right in your own closet.

1. Stop Waiting

First you need to stop waiting to fit into those pieces that are waiting, holding up “someday” space. You know, “Someday when I lose 10 pounds I can wear this.” It’s time to clear those out right now! If you can’t bear to give them away, then store them in a bin somewhere else.

2. Lifestyle

Next, what clothes are in there that actually suit your lifestyle? Do you still have corporate clothes and you are now retired or have a more relaxed job? Or… do you have mainly jeans and sportswear and you are now wondering what to wear for networking or dealing with corporate clients?

3. Excess

How many old t-shirts for washing the car do you really need? Are there items you tend to buy over and over? How many old t-shirts or sweatshirts are you keeping around just in case? Let them go!

Once you remove clothes that no longer fit, don’t suit your lifestyle or that are duplicated over and over… you will be amazed at the space you have just created. But, before you even think of stepping into a store to fill up that empty space, spend some time trying on pieces you have and see what you can mix and match.

I am the Queen of mix and match. My favourite part of my business would be shopping in your closet, helping you create many new outfits from the investment pieces you already have. I would love to help you create space, and put an irresistible smile on your face because I have cured your closetitis. Are you ready?

Join me at the Bradford Leisure Centre on Thursday, January 29th at 7:30 pm for my presentation on “Making Sense in Your Closet“. Click here for more information.

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    • Thank you Lynn. I look forward to seeing you at my presentation. I am glad you found th newsletter helpful and …YES… take some small steps now to declutter your closet and then you will have some questions to ask me Thursday!

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