15 Ways to Show-up in 2015…What’s Your Fashion “F” Word… ?

image consultant York RegionHow will you show up in 2015? If you have followed my December Facebook Business page, you have seen 15 quotes and pictures to accompany fashion words that begin with ‘F‘. As I am reviewing them I can see how these words can apply in your business and in LIFE in general. What do you think?

1. Be Fearless: Be forward in your fashion thinking.

2. Be Focused: Focus on what makes you happy. Commit to eliminating everything from your closet that makes you unhappy.

3. Be Fabulous: Make fashion choices that please you. Your confidence is so attractive.

4. Be Flawless: The beauty of being well dressed for every occasion is that you get to completely forget about your appearance and enjoy the company of others.

5. Be Feisty: Fashion can be your friend when you express your personality.

6. Be Firm: Well-fitting clothes can erase self-consciousness.

7. Be Fanciful: There’s hardly a single outfit that can’t be enhanced by accessories.

8. Be Faithful: Your style is your own, be faithful to it.

9. Be Fair: Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on your own beauty and unique personality.

10. Be Flexible: Have some knowledge of the colours and details that flatter you.

11. Be Forward: Don’t hesitate to stand out in a crowd.

12. Be Frank: Work with what you’ve been given and you’ll find true ease and happiness.

13. Be Fashionable: Be wary of trends. However, still look current and up to date.

14. Be Feminine: Own your femininity. Find a way to express what that means to you.

15. Be Fascinating: You can be stylish in every decade. Evolve with fashion by staying true to your style.

What will your FASHION word be for 2015? I would love to have you comment below.

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