6 STYLE Personalities… Which Are You?

What style does this woman have?

What style does this woman have?
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Just as we have a personality of our own which shows itself in everything we do, we also have a STYLE personality that shines through in what we wear. So let’s look at the 6 basic style personality types. Which one are you?

1. Dramatic: The dramatic is fashionable and sophisticated.
Appearance is striking and exaggerated, can be severe.
Gives the impression of leadership, fashion forward, avant garde appearance.

2. Creative: The Creative is original and artistic.
Appearance is unconventional, free spirited, eclectic.
Brings individuality, self-expression and variety into dressing.

3. Feminine/ Romantic: The Romantic is soft and feminine.
Wears clothes with ruffles, flowing styles which can be appealing to men.
The look encourages communication because of a gentle appearance.
Soft colours and fabrics.

4. Elegant/ Classic: The Classic gives an air of refinement and graciousness.
Appearance is put together, ensemble dressing, often is monochromatic in colour.
Clothes are timeless, and well tailored.

5. Sporty/ Natural: The Natural is friendly and casual.
Clothes are comfortable, and easy care.
The personality is relaxed and casual, and unpretentious.
A Natural is energetic, outgoing and usually leaves getting dressed to the last minute.

6. Alluring: The Alluring sends a message of sexy and glamourous,
Clothing is revealing, body hugging and requires a fit body!
The look is flirtacious, suggestive and tight.

This month I have held 2 Lunch and Learns on this very topic.
I heard, “Oh my.” “I can’t decide.” “That is me!” coming from my guests as they filled out their style- personality questionnaire.

I demonstrated how to take something like a simple sheath dress and change it up to create all 6 personality styles, just by using a variety of accessories, shoes and jackets. You may BE a certain personality, however, we also have sub-types and at times you may want to bring that sub-personality in. Dress not only for who you are but “where you want to be.”

Your style shows up and speaks for you, even if you don’t say a word. It all goes back to making a good first impression. We form 32 judgments and opinions about someone in the first 7 to 32 seconds of meeting them. What is your clothing and style saying about you?

I would love to help you discover the STYLE personalities hiding inside. (It was very interesting to discover many women were actually hiding their TRUE self.)

Please contact me for a session. You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.  Also, join me for a monthly Livingroom Lunch & Learn. Click here for more information. Topics always change. Check out my Facebook page for information and join in the conversation!

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