6 Ways to Navigating Floral Prints in Your Wardrobe

style expert York RegionFloral prints have become a year-round choice in clothing and accessories. Do you love them? Hate them? Wonder what to do with them? Here’s a wardrobe guide of 6 ways to help you enjoy wearing floral prints.

1. Floral Prints for a Not-too-Sweet Style

Maybe you think of floral prints as being too sweet. Your style sense is more rocker or edgy. Well, there’s still a way to work the floral print into your ensemble. Mix stripes and florals together. Team a below-the-calf jersey knit black and white striped skirt with a sheer floral print blouse and a nude tank top. Add boots and a chunky belt and you’ll stay true to your style.

Still not convinced you can wear floral prints without looking too sweet? Look for florals in dark colors with dark backgrounds. A navy floral etching print on a black background is more solemn and dramatic than a multi-colored small floral print on a white background.

2. Floral Prints for Print-Phobic People

Stick to solids but mix in a floral accessory. Look for a thin patent leather belt in a floral print. Try a tote bag in a floral print that looks like it was lifted off the pages of an antique horticulture book. Find a floral design in a pump to wear with your sophisticated neutrals. Floral prints don’t have to look cute. They can look refined and elegant.

3. Floral Prints That are Right for your Scale

What’s your best choice? Start with the scale that looks closest to the scale of your features. Are you delicate with small-scale eyes, nose and mouth? Try a small-scale floral print. Are you a mix of small and medium? Look for a mix of scale in the same print.
If you have attended my, “Dress For Your Body Type or Accessorizing,” workshops, then you will be ahead of the game in knowing what prints suit you.

4. Floral Prints for Saturday Night Dress-up Affairs

Floral prints can be a great choice for non-work events. Nothing’s sexier or more “Saturday night” than wearing a streamlined ankle pant in a floral print with pumps and a slinky top. Look for that pant in a dressy fabric like silk rather than cotton. A pencil skirt looks a lot less “workday” when it’s in a polished floral sateen. Add a flowy silk top and your favorite sexy shoes or sandals.

5. Floral Prints on the Weekend

Grab your favorite boyfriend jeans and team them with a floral print cotton shirt or a T-shirt and a floral print cotton cardigan. Add your short booties, sneakers, flip flops or sandals and enjoy hanging out at the outdoor café or Farmer’s Market. Be sure to add your favorite jewelry to finish the outfit.

6. Floral Prints to Add Drama to your Entrance

A floral print coat, especially if it’s bold or bright, is a great topper over casual outfits, dresses, or evening wear.

With floral prints flooding the fashion scene, you may feel uncertain about them. Don’t overlook the possibility of how well this print could work for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let me help you find the right bloom for your unique style.

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