Women – 5 Ways to Start Taking Care of Yourselves

self loveThe words “women” and “excellent self-care” aren’t likely to appear together very often in the same sentence. The truth is women often feel guilty spending time or money on themselves. As I work with clients, both in Reiki Healing and in my Image consultations, I see over and over again, the imbalance women bring upon themselves. We give out to others, more than we give back to ourselves. So ladies, below are 5 ways to get started on taking care of yourselves.

Sometimes a traumatic event breaks this decades-long pattern. Consider these:

1. There’s a diagnosis from a doctor about a very serious or life-threatening disease. “I have to start taking care of myself,” she thinks. In fact, her life depends upon it.
2. The death of a parent can invite change. With the roles shifting within the family, a woman could be asking herself, “Who am I now?” Her internal search may result in some external changes.
3. Love relationships change. The trauma of divorce or a romantic breakup can be shattering. It’s as if a planet has spun out of orbit. Somehow a woman has to re-orient herself and create a new world. Change is forced.

But change can be a choice that’s made without a sudden and serious lifestyle catalyst. New patterns can be learned. It can be very nurturing to say to oneself, “I want to get to know you; I want to take care of you; I want to put you first for a change.”

The quickest way to reflect change and get positive feedback is to focus on improving, with baby steps, your personal appearance. By taking care of your outer self, you’re taking care of your whole self. Acts of self-care add up and soon you’re feeling less neglected or resentful and more confident and beautiful.

Here are some ways to get started.

1. Accept yourself right where you are. You don’t have to know what steps are required to create a confident personal image. There are people who are great at this and they can be of service to you now. They might be professional hair stylists, wardrobe consultants, image consultants, or makeup artists. All of these service providers can teach you a technique or two that can make a big difference in how you look and feel about yourself.

2. Start asking around. A referral may be just one conversation away. If someone is demonstrating great style and ease about their wardrobe, ask them if they get some help. If you see someone with a great haircut, ask who helps her with her hair. Getting referrals is a great, safe way to begin.

3. Start to mentally carve time out for yourself. Be prepared to say no to some things so you can say yes to yourself. Your self-care project deserves some space in your calendar. Guard that personal time; don’t give it away!

4. Make a first appointment. Follow through. Then weigh the “next step” suggestions that come up. Take another step.

5. While you may be a pro at encouraging friends or family members in their endeavors, you may not be good at giving yourself encouragement. Follow up your actions with some self-cheer. Celebrate with a friend. Have a drink after work or lunch on a Saturday. Demonstrate in public the new things you’ve learned about style, makeup, or colors. Don’t be flustered when the compliments start showing up. Just say, “Thank you.” These baby steps you take will give you quick feedback that will make it easier to take the next step.

As an image professional I’ve been a witness to the transitions people go through when they start taking care of themselves. Believe me, no one regrets those first steps. I can help you get started plus I have a great referral list of people that can help. Together you can start to master the art of self-care. I’ll support you all the way.

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