Make Lingerie Your Friend

sexy lingerieWhat does it matter what’s under your clothes if you’re sitting in a board meeting looking totally professional and in charge? It matters because the right lingerie next to your skin can make you feel better-than-great, confident and put together. Make lingerie your friend! You don’t have a lingerie wardrobe or wouldn’t even know where to start putting one together? No worries! I’m here to help.

Have any of these thoughts stopped you from having great lingerie?

  • “No one sees my underwear so why bother buying anything special?”
  • “Lingerie is for young people with perfect bodies and that’s not me.”
  • “It’s against my religion.”
  • “Only trashy girls wear stuff like that.”

How about we get past those thoughts and give you some alternatives that will get you enjoying lingerie? We all have to wear clothes that are appropriate for our lifestyle or our work environment. But what we wear underneath these clothes is completely our choice. No one needs to see it but us. So why not take a part of your personality, express it fully in lingerie and be reminded of it all day long!

A stereotype of lingerie is that it’s worn only for sexy purposes but lingerie can express so much more. Lingerie can be cute, sporty, fun, playful, colorful, sophisticated, sexy, bold, or simple. Details such as bows, buttons, zippers, ruffles, prints, and textures can offer another layer of self-expression. If your favorite color is teal, find a matching bra and panty set in that color and you’ll love slipping into it. If you want something sensual, find a fabric that feels divine against your skin. If you want your undergarments to be simple and practical, find them in a soft satin texture in a hue that you love. If you prefer something sexier, find a luxurious lace or a flirty ruffle set.

Another stereotype of lingerie is that it’s ill fitting, scratchy, uncomfortable, and only meant to stay on the body for five minutes before it comes off. Sure, that type of lingerie exists, but there’s so much more out there. Modern technology has totally redefined the possibilities for comfort. Now you can wear lingerie that not only looks great but also feels great next to the skin.

The next thing to pay attention to is fit. When you have great fitting undergarments, nothing gets in the way of you making your best impression. Realize that fit may vary as you get older. Changing your bra style may be the update you need. Going up a size in underwear may be the key to the smooth lines that make you look thinner and more fit.

Look into exploring small lingerie boutiques and asking for personal help from their sales people. This is their specialty and they will get you into the lingerie you’ll feel great in. These smaller shops also tend to have high quality and unique pieces.

Dressing in great lingerie is first and foremost something you do for yourself. Whether or not anyone else gets to benefit from seeing you in it is secondary. With so many beautiful colors and fabrics to choose from, this is a safe place for you to express your creativity and sensuality.

I will presenting:  The When, How and What of Shopping on March 1st at Urban Retreat Day at Jennifer Fisher Essentials Studio,  515 Mulock Dr. Newmarket. Call 905-960-7800 to register.

As an image consultant I can help you find a lingerie wardrobe that flatters your body and fits your personality. Just give me a call or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen and we’ll set up a time to shop.

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