6 Sexy Ways to Dress For Romance

image consultant York regionLet’s face it…romance is a mood thing. Forget trying to find the latest aphrodisiac. Go to your closet instead! What makes you feel sexy? What makes you feel flirty? While you are searching through your closet,  put on some Etta James, Alicia Keyes (Girl On Fire) or Melanie Fiona ( Give It To Me Right) and let your sensual side be your guide. Here are 6 sexy ways to dress for romance especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

1. Live out of the ordinary

Wear animal prints that bring out the wild side in you. You can wear them on the inside with your choice of underwear or on the outside with an animal print scarf, t-shirt, shoes or handbag. Rarrrrrgh!

2. Put a little sass in your step

Whether you go for a kitten heel or a sky-high stiletto, go buy a heel to pair with your favourite jeans, skirt or cocktail dress.

3. Get in the spotlight

You’ll be glowing when you’re bathed in pearlized, lustrous or shimmering fabrics in a blouse, dress or pant. Sound like too much? Then curtail it to sequins or metallic finishes in smaller pieces like a clutch handbag, bangle or cocktail ring.

4. Restyle your hair

Nothing says romance more than soft curls. Hard to do yourself? Pull out some favourite images from magazines and take them to your stylist for input. Let her create the perfect updo, blowout, or help you with hair accessories. Rhinestone or floral hair pins can add some feminine fun.

5. Enhance romance with colour

If you want to exude subtle sweetness, find yourself a soft pink or peach cashmere sweater or scarf. To bring out the foxy vixen in you, go straight for red in a body conscious dress or fitted top.  You might want to add bold colour in your nail polish, heels or clutch. This is a great way to wear red, if you don’t like wearing it in clothes.

6. Keep your sexiness with you at all times

You don’t have to be revealing anything to feel completely sexy and confident in your femininity. You can look like a schoolmarm on the outside but underneath your work uniform are sexy undergarments. You could be wearing thigh high stockings, a really beautiful bra and underwear set or a sexy corset. Until you decide who’s going to be the recipient of your romance, you get to enjoy your sexuality through well-chosen undergarment ensembles.

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