How to Dress While You Lose Weight in 2014

dressing while you lose weight“When I lose the weight, I will look great,” is what everyone says to herself at this time of year. But here’s the truth. People who lose weight don’t automatically know how to dress their new body shape once they get it. In fact, they’ll continue to shop for clothes that worked for the previous shape just out of habit.

I bet you have your weight loss plan in place. What I’d like to help you with is looking great throughout the process. It would be a mistake to neglect your shape while transforming into a new one. You work on your weight loss regime and I’ll coach you through making the most of your current wardrobe and helping you decide when it’s time to shop.

Celebrate 5… you are on the right track!

Weighing 5 pounds less, you haven’t yet gone down a size, but those clothes that were feeling too snug are feeling comfortable again. Good for you! Take a look at your belts. If it shows too much wear on the hole you’ve been relying on, think about investing in a new one. Are you ready for the next five?

Celebrate 10… way to go!

At this point you may have dropped a size. Is it time to buy new clothes or alter the ones you have? It depends on how much you plan to lose. Alterations are a great option at this point. Did you know a bra could be altered? Especially when you are losing weight, your undergarments need to fit properly and support your changing body.

Are you still hiding in your baggy exercise clothes? By an inexpensive T-shirt with some stretch, and of course in a colour from your colour palette, and as you begin to show some new curve in your body it will give you incentive to keep going.

Celebrate 20… awesome!

Wow! Time to get out in the stores and try on clothes that will fit the size you are right now. If this is a milestone and you still have some weight to lose, take advantage of some low cost clothes at places like Reitmans, Mark’s Work Wearhouse or Sears. Try tops with princess lines or blouses with closer fitting silhouettes to show off your shape. When you wear clothes that compliment your new shape, you will look like you’ve lost more than 20 pounds. And you will feel proud of your accomplishment so far.

Celebrate 40… you are the champ!

Don’t be surprised if not only your clothes are different sizes but your shoe size and even your ring size may have changed. Your face may have a different shape too. It’s time to get a new haircut that will flatter your new shape. You probably need new basics. Consider buying new pants, jeans, t-shirts or blouses.

Now that you have this new body it doesn’t mean you necessarily know how to dress for it. This is when it’s great to invest in image consultant services like mine. I can help you understand your new body and figure out how to dress for it. If you haven’t worked with this body before, I will help you find the best fit, style, and silhouette for your new shape. I’ll be there to celebrate with you and help you look your new best!

Are you ready to give me a call? I’d love to hear from you. Send me your feedback too! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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