De Stress…Holiday Party Checklist

holiday partyTake the stress out of your holiday events by using this handy party checklist. Don’t leave your house until you’ve checked it twice.

One week (minimum) prior to the party:

The party outfit is ready to wear!

Try on your party outfit. Does it fit? Is it clean? Do you have the entire outfit or is something missing? Be sure to check that the head-to-toe pieces are all there. If they aren’t all there, schedule a shopping trip now to finish your look. Does a key piece need alterations? Schedule it. Drop off anything that needs dry cleaning and schedule the pickup.

 I have a coat or jacket if it is chilly!

Be sure you have a wrap that looks good with the outfit in case the temperature is chilled just like the martini glasses.

My beauty appointments are scheduled!

Make sure to schedule beauty appointments early in the week. Manicure? Check! Pedicure? Check! Blowout by your hair stylist? Check! A makeup lesson? Check!

I have a gift for the hostess!

Don’t forget to show your gratitude with a host or hostess gift. Getting one before the day of is one less thing to think about. If it’s wine or a plant, make it festive by adding a bow. If it’s a candle or cookbook, wrap it in nice wrapping paper. Fresh cut flowers will be purchased a day before or on the day of but bring those flowers in a vase so the hostess doesn’t have to make time during the party to arrange them.

I’ve planned recovery time!

If it is a “big” event, schedule down time for the day after. If you can’t take the day off at least plan to go into the office late. If it’s on the weekend, give yourself the gift of putting your feet up and relaxing.

Day of the party or event:

I’ve scheduled prep time!

Leave enough time to comfortably and completely finish your hair and makeup. Turn it into a lovely ritual by lighting a candle and putting on your favorite music.

Snack time is planned!

Eat a little something beforehand in case there isn’t much food available right away. Drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea.

My backup supplies are packed!

Bring extra hosiery in case you get a big run. Be sure you’ve got your lipstick or lip-gloss packed in your handbag. Pack a blister remedy in case your shoes are rubbing you the wrong way. In case your long hair needs to be refreshed partway through the evening stash a hair tie or hair pins for a quick pulled back look. Bring face powder for touchups. Stash some cash in case you need cab fare home. If you have a car, toss in a pair of flats in case your feet get tired in heels.

Optional party planning solution

Call me! I’d love to help you create outfits for your party needs whether we go shopping for it in the stores or in your closet.

dry martiniHere’s to planning and enjoying your lovely party! Personally I like 4 olives in my Vodka martini… shaken NOT stirred 🙂

Share your favourite party de-stressors with me. I love getting feedback. And leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one.

Until next time,


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