Get Your Red On!

iStock_000004953401XSmall‘Tis the Season and what colour do you see more often?! YES, it’s time to get your RED on!

I work with many clients who say, “I can’t wear red.” Well I am here to tell you that I am sure you can; you just haven’t been wearing the right shade of red.

redheadWhen you visit me for Colour Analysis, you will discover there are various tones and shades of red. Some have warm undertones with yellow in them and the woman who can wear those would be a Spring or Autumn palette. Their ‘red’ would be brick or an orange-red. You can wear red with a bronze or brown added to it.

blackhairWomen with a blue undertone to their skin, a Summer or Winter palette, can wear a blue-red, burgundy and clear red.

Red can be an intimidating colour and perhaps there is some psychological factor deep inside that makes you wary of wearing red too. Maybe you feel that you stand out too much or that wearing red has too much sex appeal. However, worn in splashes of accents, red can still make a statement without being overpowering.

angelina jolie copyTake a look at how Angelina Jolie popped red into her outfit, just adding the accents but still making a statement. A red splash of colour at the neckline of her dress and she added MY 1,2,3 Magic Formula ( hmmm… did she attend my class?) of including the accent colour 3 times to bring the focus up to the face…

  • 1- on her nails,
  • 2- her clutch and,
  • 3- her lipstick.

What does the colour red stand for? What comes to your mind when you think of red?

The image of red can project passion, power, dynamic, extrovert, sensual and in Feng Shui it stands for the FIRE element. Angelina has added the Fire element to her classic white dress in just the right amount.

So if you are hesitant about actually wearing red in clothing on yourself, try adding it in accents such as a scarf, a handbag, shoes or nail polish.

Aren’t sure about what RED is best for you? I would love to help you discover your “WOW” colours with a Colour Analysis! Please give me a call. And send me feedback! I love seeing your comments. Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one.

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