5 Simple Ways to Transform Your Look With Accessories

bigstock-art-jewelry-background-16704038While you may be tempted to purchase clothes first and put accessories on the back burner, consider doing the opposite! Shop your closet first and pull out that dress or outfit that has taken you to many other occasions. Adding some new accessories can bring new life and a whole new look to your ‘Go-To’ outfit. Here are 5 simple ways to transform your look with accessories.

  1. Consider a signature accessory. Maybe you have that yellow-green eye colour that is so unique. Find a necklace or semi-precious stone in the pendant that is the same shade as your eyes. This is a great investment and can be worn over and over as your signature necklace. If you have a bold, dramatic personality, consider adding layers of necklaces.
  1. Women over a certain age worry more about their necks than most any other body part. It may seem counter-intuitive to bring attention to the neck with a lovely scarf, but it will do two things for you. It will keep your neck warm and it will also give you a beautiful option for dealing with a challenging body part by adorning it in something pretty. Play with colour, texture or pattern while keeping the rest of your outfit simple and classic. Remember to wear a scarf in your colour palette, so you look radiant and youthful in a colour that is complimenting your skin tone or eye colour. A scarf is a wonderful way to bring in a splash of colour or a trendy look for the season.
  1. No one knows the power of a great shoe like Cinderella! We may not have access to the magic slipper but we do know shoes can be magical. They can alter and outfit in seconds by turning a day outfit into an evening one or a serious outfit into a playful one. Shoes and boots have personality and can upgrade your outfit to first class…instantly! Why settle for a plain pump when you can get one that is ruffled, studded, beaded, furry, shiny or an animal print? Get out of your shoe rut and find your magical slipper.
  1. You may be into recycling and that is great, however, using environmentally friendly bags to carry your wallet and make-up is not using your fashion wisdom. Those bags are performance ready for holding groceries. Your handbag is as much a part of your outfit as your skirt is. It should be in great shape- no scuffs, no worn edges and no broken or worn handles. Does it match your personality? Your colour palette?  A purse can add that splash of colour or trend that you may be afraid to wear in your clothing.
  1. You might be lucky enough to have inherited some wonderful accessories from a Grandmother or an Aunt. What a better way to honour them than by wearing these unique treasures? They can be worked into a polished outfit that you will enjoy over and over. Try wearing 2 or 3 brooches, crystal necklaces are back as statement jewelry and combinations of bracelets.

If you want help establishing your signature style or finding the right pieces to make you look visible, youthful and polished, please let me know. It would be my pleasure to help you shine! Be remembered for your signature style. I can’t wait to help you discover it.

Share your favourite accessory style tips with me! I love getting feedback. Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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