Say “YES” to Wearing a Dress This Holiday Season!

Karen Dorland Image ExpertI know, I know… we just finished Thanksgiving and here I am bringing up the subject of dressing for the special Holiday Season in 2013 and saying YES to wearing a dress! How many Saturdays are left? Well as I write this, there are 10 weekends left before Christmas.

The ease of slipping into a dress, adding a few accessories and running out the door makes dresses a must-have wardrobe option for any season. If a dress fits well and flatters your coloring, there is no easier way to get dressed. I’m here to help you choose a dress and determine the few items you’ll need to pair with it in order to create an outstanding outfit.

Explore a range of color in your dresses…

  • The little black dress is for you ONLY if black is truly a flattering color on you. Otherwise choose your best neutral color to create your own version of the LBD like navy blue, dove gray, pewter, taupe, brown, charcoal, French blue, dark teal or deep purple.
  • If you have a favorite bold color that looks great on you, wearing it in a solid dress color can be a showstopper.
  • If you’re attracted to a red dress but are nervous about the intensity of the color, choose one in coral, tangerine, berry, or rose.

Fabrics create the tone for your dress…

  • Wool crepe or matte jersey fabrics look smooth on the body and don’t wrinkle.
  • If you fall in love with a linen dress or a silk shantung dress, know that these fabrics will wrinkle quickly.
  • If you want a dress to be more flirty, choose one in chiffon. It will move with you and create fluttering patterns.

The shoe can add spice or be understated…

  • If your dress is heavily patterned or lacy, keep the shoe simple. Try a nude pump.
  • If a dress feels too feminine for your personal style, tough it up with a knee high boot.
  • When wearing a solid colored dress, add personality in a fanciful shoe—brightly colored, metallic, or patterned.

Jewelry choices will depend upon the neckline…

  • A belted dress with a jeweled neckline is a great canvas for a statement necklace.
  • If the neckline is very detailed (ruffled, draped, or beaded), avoid a necklace and keep the earrings simple.
  • A wrap dress that creates a deep V-neck can use a dainty chain with a simple pendant. Add bangles on the arm for more impact.

Your dress needs the right bag…

  • If your dress isn’t a work dress, don’t wear a work bag.
  • If your dress is super simple, go for an exciting bag. Consider one with studs, sequins, chains, or patterns.
  • Always keep a clutch handy in one of your neutral colors. If your dress or jewelry is getting the most attention, your handbag can stay in the background.

Don’t forget the outer layer…

  • A fine cashmere or silk cardigan sweater is an easy addition to a sleeveless dress.
  • A silk blazer that repeats the line of the dress adds polish for evening occasions.
  • A trench coat that has sheen to it, or a silk trench coat, is a great all-around choice for many dresses.

Would a dress be a good choice in your wardrobe? Need some help to find just the right ones? Let me help you shop for the dresses that you’ll love wearing.

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2 thoughts on “Say “YES” to Wearing a Dress This Holiday Season!

  1. This is a very important tip when packing. If you have an item with velcro on it make sure it is not touching anything that it could snag – like a good dress or blouse. This happened to me recently so I am speaking from experience. As I pulled my new dress off the velcro the fabric threads pulled and I was sorry I had let that happen in the first place. Take care with velcro articles!

    • Thank you Kathy for the great tip! I am sorry you had to experience this happening especially when you are on vacation. This is something to be aware of for sure. I have had the velcro on my jacket collars pull on my good scarves too. Again, thank you for passing this on.

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