3 Ways to Lean into Fall Fashion—Your Way!

fall fashion 2013There are three kinds of people who open that notoriously thick September issue of Vogue. Here is a guide on how you can lean into the fall fashion – your way!

The Fashion Curious may leave it lying around for a couple of weeks. All those pages are overwhelming! But eventually she gets the desire to explore the new season for fresh ideas. The Fashion Curious is looking for a trend or two that feels comfortable to add to her existing wardrobe. She’s selective and smart about her additions.

Then there is the Fashion Savvy: she picks that Vogue up right away and leafs through it confidently, looking for items that resonate with her wardrobe plan and needs. The Fashion Savvy will always let practicality rule but she enjoys a sense of fun and adventure about discovering new looks. She’ll be excited by at least five to ten trends.

The third reader is the Fashion Renegade. She is either at the curb waiting for her Vogue (she knows what day it comes!) or has already looked at all the shows online. For the Fashion Renegade, practicality is less of a concern. She loves style for style’s sake. She always looks interesting, and her outfits take risks, some of which succeed outstandingly and some of which become conversation pieces.

Which type are you? Whichever team you play on, I’ve got great ideas from this season’s lineup.

Fashion Curious

If you feel like you’re Fashion Curious, you want to keep up with the times, look up to date and fresh. You want your presence to count and you want to spend your money wisely.

Here’s what you can try this season:

  • Pointy-toed pumps
  • A wider pant
  • A plaid pant in shades of gray
  • Oxfords or loafers
  • Polka dots
  • Spectator pumps or flats
  • A fur stole for evening

Fashion Savvy

If you feel like you’re Fashion Savvy, you love creating new looks and having fun with clothes. You walk into a room and people admire how consistently well-put together you are. You enjoy the process of updating each season and have a strong sense of what you like and don’t like.

Here’s what you can try this season:

  • A pant-suit with wider legs and a fitted jacket
  • Decorating your bottom half: colored pants, plaid pants, wider pants, leather pants
  • A camouflage print bag
  • A black jumpsuit
  • A fur wristlet for evening or a fur stole for day
  • Leather gloves covered in sheer netting for evening Pointy-toed booties
  • A furry clutch for evening

Fashion Renegade

Your normal is everyone else’s risk zone. For you, creating with clothing is like breathing – it’s essential to your well-being. Your look can be overwhelming to others but it doesn’t bother you. You don’t fear the worst-dressed list and often end up on the best-dressed list.

Here’s what you can try this season:

  • An oversized blazer pantsuit
  • Wide-legged leather pants
  • A printed or embellished jumpsuit
  • A white leather bag or white shoes
  • Boots with fur trim
  • A long sweater over a long skirt (transparent for the truly bold!)
  • A fanciful cape
  • A grand, sculptural coat

I’m here to help you find your best interpretation of the fall fashion trends. Send me your comments and feedback and don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site!

Together we’ll find your personal style and select the right pieces to demonstrate it. Lean on me for help!

Until next time,


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