Spring and Summer Clothes Sale Shopping Guide – Plan Ahead

bigstock-woman-buyer-with-apparel-purch-48165227a copyIn my previous post, I shared a Sale Shopping Guide for buying your fall clothes. And while Spring and Summer may seem far away, I thought I would share these tips with you to help you make the most of your buying and planning purchases that will work with the clothes you have now and your budget. It’s important to plan ahead!

Spring Sale Shopping

Although the weather may be looking quite drab, with the perkiness of spring clothes lining the racks, you don’t want to wait too long to do some spring shopping.

Resort wear comes into the stores in December and January. Early spring merchandise comes into the stores in January and February when you’re navigating snowbanks. But four to six weeks later, full-on summer clothes will be in the stores. Take advantage of this sale window and pick up some of the following items.

  • Go on another color expedition. The earliest deliveries of spring clothes will now be on sale and on that rounder may be a color you’ve been dying to try. This is the time to pick it up and wear it as soon as it’s warm enough.
  • Check the handbag section of stores for markdowns. Look for lighter colors that will be perfect for warmer months.
  • Fabrics that have a little more weight to them than summer clothes do will go on sale first. Look for lightweight sweater knits or cardigans that you may actually wear for many weeks yet.
  • Spring merchandise always has some lively prints. Most blouses or tops will still have sleeves. Purchase a silk blouse in a fun print and wear it with your neutral colored jackets and pants or jeans.

Early Summer Sale Shopping

When summer is actually just about to begin, retail stores are discounting their spring/summer items. Here are some best bets for smart sale shopping.

  • If you’re purchasing summer items, look for classic shapes and styles that will last another year, two or three.
  • Shorts and summer dresses are great to pick up now if you’ll wear them right away. Don’t buy clothes in fantasy sizes, as the fall season will be here before you have a chance to drop those pounds.
  • T-shirts and camisoles are great year round, either by themselves in the summer or as layering pieces in the winter. Marked down ones are even better.
  • Summer clothes that are super sheer will not be warm enough to wear in the fall. Look for these on the 50% off rack, as they’ll be the first to transition out of your wardrobe a few weeks from now.
  • Only buy linen pieces if you love linen and will wear them a lot. It’s not a fabric that moves into fall.
  • Lightweight sweaters in silk or cotton knit can work well now and in warmer early fall days.

If all of this seems daunting, I would be happy to help!  Please feel free to contact me.  And as always, I would love your feedback! Please feel free to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one, via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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