Sale Shopping Guide – Fall Clothes Buying Tips!

how to shop for clothes - expert York RegionClothing stores are open every week of the year, enticing you with their new shipments. During the calendar year there are also well-choreographed sales to entice you onto their store floors. When it comes to building a winning wardrobe while enjoying sale prices, it’s best to note the flow of merchandise that’s coming in and then going out on the sale racks to make room for the next wave of new fashion. Here are some early and late fall clothes shopping tips for what to buy when.

Pre-Fall sale shopping

Department stores and boutiques celebrate the fall merchandise by having pre-season sales in the middle of the summer. It’s hard to get into the fall mindset when it’s 100 degrees outside but it might be wise to think of your future wardrobe needs so you can take advantage of these early discounts. Here’s how to prepare.

  • Get inspired by checking out current magazines and catalogues to see what they’re previewing for the upcoming season. What’s catching your eye?
  • Before heading to the stores, look at what you loved last year, wore to death and need to replace.
  • Shop with the intention of finding a new color that resonates with you. A new season always comes with a new color palette. Whether you enjoy that new hue in a necklace, shoe, scarf, dress, sweater or blouse, it’s fun to find it early and on sale. You may start wearing it early in the year and decide to add more pieces in similar shades to broaden your wardrobe.
  • Boots are a staple for fall/winter months and they can be very pricey. There’s not a better time to purchase them than when they’re on sale. Even though it’s hot now, a boot will be perfect for when the temperatures start to dip.
  • If you’re lacking scarves and shawls in your wardrobe, get them now in colors that look great on you. They are a perfect piece for transitioning into colder weather while making your existing wardrobe look fresh and new.

Late-fall sale shopping

Although the weather may make it challenging to get to the stores and you’re wearing lots of layers that need to be shed in the dressing room, these sales may make it worth your effort. Here’s what you can look for before the holidays hit.

  • Winter coats are getting pushed off the floors to make way for resort wear so it’s a great time to look for markdowns. Winter can be long so having some variety waiting for you in your coat closet can be a treat. Look for classic coats in non-classic colors or patterns. Or find yourself a dressy coat that you’ll wear for special occasions.
  • Boots will go on sale again at the end of the fall/winter clothing season. Get a pair or two that you love and that you can see yourself wearing next year. Leave behind the super trendy styles as they may be out of style next year.
  • Sweaters can carry over into spring especially if they are in light colors or in lightweight cashmere or wool knit.
  • Shop for specialty items like thick wool socks, heavier tights, or long underwear. Although you’re not in the thick of winter yet, these items will come in handy in just a few weeks. If you wait until you really need them, they may be gone.
  • This is a great time to pick up winter accessories like wool hats, wool scarves, capes, or gloves. Once they’re picked over, they will be out of the store for good. Plan ahead to be sure you’re covered well for winter.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fall shopping guide. We’ll cover early spring and summer sale shopping at a later date. In the meantime, I’d love your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

If it all sounds a bit overwhelming, leave your shopping schedule to me. I’ll help you get the best value for your money. I’ll keep track of the sales and let you know when we should be shopping for your needs. Sound like a deal? Give me a call!

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