10 Tricks of the Trade in Swimsuit Fashion

bigstock-Senior-Woman-Having-Fun-In-Swi-39240712Still wondering whether you want to accept that pool party invitation? Last time we talked about 8 tips on pool party wear for poolside confidence. Here are an additional 10 tricks of the trade in swimsuit fashion to further build poolside confidence. You may not secure a page in Sports Illustrated but you may be more confident lounging by a pool or ocean-side at a resort.

Learn how to choose a swimsuit that will downplay your not-so-positives and accentuate what you like best about your body parts.  You will want to choose a suit that is right for your body-type. In my class “Dress for Your Body Type” we discuss bodies with curve, straight lines, V shapes, S shapes, A shapes and O shapes.

Start by standing in front of a mirror and carefully look at the areas you want to accentuate… what do you like – your shoulders, your legs, your bust? Are your hips wider than your bust or slimmer? Are you tall, short or average in height?

Here are 10 tricks of the trade that may help after you have done your assessment:

  1. Stripes on a diagonal, splicing on a suit across the whole body or just on the bust area cut the width of your body. This adds a symmetrical look which is slimming.
  1. Ruching (gathering) actually hides the belly area creating an illusion of slimness.
  1. Colour inserts on the sides brings the eye in to the center panel again creating an effect of a curve at the waist and torso area, especially if the inserts are darker.
  1. If it’s your hips and thighs you are trying to minimize, consider a skirt. They are available in different lengths to provide camouflage covering. However, boy-shorts do not help with battling saddlebags. They also take away from waist definition and decrease leg length. Save this look for the straight up and down “H” bodies.
  1. A peplum on the bottom part of a swimsuit will help to balance a full bust, especially if you tend to have a V shape with slimmer hips.
  1. A halter top style on a bathing suit is slimming for broad shoulders and full busts. The ties behind the neck add a cut to the width of the shoulders. Be aware that wide straps suit broad shoulders and full busts as well. Spaghetti straps tend to make the shoulders look wider… it is all about balance!
  1. Up the cup if you want to bring attention to the top area. You can add pads that can be stitched into suit liners. This is also the area to add ruffles, shiny fabrics and bright colours.
  1. Choose a suit with a high cut leg if you like your hips and want to lengthen the leg. This style suits a more balanced “S” type body shape.
  1. Wear a suit in colours that compliment your skin undertone and hair colour. Don’t forget to take along your colour palette when shopping for your new swimsuit.
  1. Take advantage of mix and match sizing. Do you need bigger or smaller on the top than bottom? A tankini offers great coverage and support while still giving you a two piece for versatility.

To avoid bathing suit blunder, you can rely on me to hold your hand through the whole process to get the best-for-you swimsuit style. I can be your security blanket right along with that exotic wrap we choose to conceal your skin and add appeal!

How about you? Are you ready for the next pool party? I’d love your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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