10 Great Ways to Bring White into Your Summer Wardrobe

46511107While “colour” may be getting all the fashion press, there’s a lot to be said about classic black and white. The way you combine them is infinite and up to your imagination. Below are 10 great ways to bring white into your summer wardrobe this year.

If you know me you might be saying, “Hey Karen… white is not in my colour palette! What are you suggesting?”

Those who work with me and are true to wearing your colour palette know you have your own version of white. A winter palette is the only true white. Summer is a soft white. Autumn is a yellow off- white. Spring can wear a butter- white.

As long as you wear something in your colour palette near your face you are good to go! So, go ahead buy those white pants, capris or shorts!

Here are 10 ways to bring white into your wardrobe now.

  1. A soft white linen blazer is great with jeans and tees or layered over a dress.
  1. A creamy white (or beige or soft yellow) crocheted over-sized sweater can be belted with a white patent belt for a fun mix of textures.
  1. A clean white watch face and watchband is great for summertime or it could be worked into your style all-year-long. Be aware: wear silver details if you are a cool tone or gold details for warm palettes.
  1. White denim jeans mix perfectly with bright colors, black, metallic, lilac, coral, green or more white layers.
  1. The LWD (little white dress) is a modern substitute for the LBD. Add a floral print scarf or jewelry in your colour palette so the colour near your face makes you look radiant instead of washed out.
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    Classic white-rimmed sunglasses are ladylike and fresh.

  1. White loafers or oxfords are both retro and modern at the same time. Great with a rolled up jean or a trouser, they add spunk to your outfit.
  1. Wearing a column of white (or one light colour) is super sleek. Start with white pants and a white top and then throw any colored “third piece” over your long silhouette. Choose a jacket, sweater, or cardigan in your favorite neutral or pop of color.
  1. A dress in lace or eyelet is feminine. Or add a feminine eyelet blazer to an outfit.
  1. Layer your version of whites together from the waist up. A sheer loose white tunic with a white tank underneath is fresh. Add mother-of-pearl earrings or long strands of pearls for sophistication.

Special tip: A black dress on dark skin doesn’t stand out as much as a white dress on dark skin and vice versa. So with a lovely summer tan you may want to rethink your LBD for summer.

What is your version of white? I’d love your feedback! If you are unsure I would love to help you determine your best ”white”  for dressing cool, together  and confidently this summer.  Feel free to contact me.

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