10 Holiday Party Etiquette Tips… Do’s and Don’ts

holiday party etiquetteWe probably all have a party story to tell—one where things went very wrong because of something an invited guest did or did not do. Hopefully, you’ve never been in the role of the unthinking party guest! To get you ready for a season of festive gatherings, here is a list of 10 holiday party etiquette tips so you can be a great guest.

1. Do pace yourself with your alcohol consumption if you’re party hopping. You don’t want to be the guest spoken about the next day because of some avoidable antics that started with a little too much to drink at the first party, culminating in definitely too much to drink at the next one. In all the frivolity, it’s easy to lose track. Have a plan for moderation.

2. Don’t come empty-handed to a dinner party. Bring a bottle of wine and a small hostess gift. Although a big bouquet of flowers might appear to be generous, a small bouquet that can easily be placed in a Mason jar is a lot easier to handle for a busy hostess. Or bring a potted plant.

3. Do be prepared in case the host of the party has a no-shoe rule and forgot to mention it. Just in case, get a pedicure if you come sockless in your pretty party shoes. Or if you’re wearing boots with socks, make sure you’re wearing a pair that you’re happy to show off.

4. Don’t arrive to a dinner party with hunger pangs. You don’t know when the hostess will have food ready and you most definitely don’t want to drink on an empty stomach. It’s always good insurance to eat a little something before you go. A piece of fruit and some nuts or half a sandwich could help you get by until dinnertime.

5. Do put effort into having a party-ready outfit that shows respect and honors the dress code if there is one. Plan it well in advance of the party so you aren’t doing any last minute panic shopping or worse yet, calling the hostess and canceling because you think you have nothing to wear.

6. Don’t arrive late to a dinner party. The host or hostess has a set time frame for when they would like to serve the meal. Don’t keep them waiting. If the party format is an open house, your arrival time isn’t as critical. But showing up at the last minute is tacky. You may think your entrance goes unnoticed, but it doesn’t.

7. Do keep your fragrances to a minimum. Not everyone loves your perfume or cologne. In fact, some people are allergic to fragrance. Be mindful of the other guests and consider going without them altogether.

8. Don’t wipe lipstick off using your host’s linen napkins. Consider wearing a lip stain instead of a lipstick. Or have some tissues in your purse or pocket. Use them to dab your lips before they touch the linens. You can always reapply later in the powder room.

9. Do offer your assistance if you bring a complicated dish or dessert to share. Help serve your dessert if presentation is especially important to you. Don’t make this the job of the hostess.

10. Don’t be the guest that never goes home. Unless you are staying the night at the host’s house, when the party is dwindling down, think about your exit plan and execute it in a timely fashion.

As always, I welcome your feedback! You can connect with me via telephone or email, leave a comment right here on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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7 Ways to Look Festive This Holiday Season Without Breaking the Bank

2014 holiday fashionThe 2014 holiday season is just around the corner. Not sure what to wear? Here are 7 ways to look festive without breaking the bank…

1. Wear a truly red lipstick and keep the rest of your makeup colours neutral. Wear a shade in “your” colour palette, so if you have a warm undertone, then try a brick red. If you have a cool undertone, wear a blue red.

2. Wear a large jeweled necklace as a statement collar against your crewneck sweater or top. You can find these at junior stores such as H&M, Forever XX1, and Zara or… visit your favourite Silpada or Lia Sophia jewelry representative for ideas. Continue reading

What’s Your 2014 Holiday Style?

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

The 2014 holiday season will be upon us soon. I bet you have some holiday traditions you’re looking forward to reviving and maybe one or two that you’re ready to change. The same can be true about your attire during this time of year. You may have a section of your closet that holds your holiday-themed outfits. Take a minute to pause and rethink your choices. You don’t have to stick with what you’ve always done. Maybe this year you’ll be inspired to change it up.

As we get excited about decorating our homes, tabletops and packages, we can get excited about how we’ll adorn our bodies. This is the time of year when a little more is expected from your outfits. Don’t hesitate to create ensembles that are at least twenty-five percent more sparkly, colorful or luxurious than ones you normally wear. Continue reading

6 STYLE Personalities… Which Are You?

What style does this woman have?

What style does this woman have?
click image to enlarge

Just as we have a personality of our own which shows itself in everything we do, we also have a STYLE personality that shines through in what we wear. So let’s look at the 6 basic style personality types. Which one are you?

1. Dramatic: The dramatic is fashionable and sophisticated.
Appearance is striking and exaggerated, can be severe.
Gives the impression of leadership, fashion forward, avant garde appearance.

2. Creative: The Creative is original and artistic.
Appearance is unconventional, free spirited, eclectic.
Brings individuality, self-expression and variety into dressing.

3. Feminine/ Romantic: The Romantic is soft and feminine.
Wears clothes with ruffles, flowing styles which can be appealing to men.
The look encourages communication because of a gentle appearance.
Soft colours and fabrics.

4. Elegant/ Classic: The Classic gives an air of refinement and graciousness.
Appearance is put together, ensemble dressing, often is monochromatic in colour.
Clothes are timeless, and well tailored.

5. Sporty/ Natural: The Natural is friendly and casual.
Clothes are comfortable, and easy care.
The personality is relaxed and casual, and unpretentious.
A Natural is energetic, outgoing and usually leaves getting dressed to the last minute.

6. Alluring: The Alluring sends a message of sexy and glamourous,
Clothing is revealing, body hugging and requires a fit body!
The look is flirtacious, suggestive and tight.

This month I have held 2 Lunch and Learns on this very topic.
I heard, “Oh my.” “I can’t decide.” “That is me!” coming from my guests as they filled out their style- personality questionnaire.

I demonstrated how to take something like a simple sheath dress and change it up to create all 6 personality styles, just by using a variety of accessories, shoes and jackets. You may BE a certain personality, however, we also have sub-types and at times you may want to bring that sub-personality in. Dress not only for who you are but “where you want to be.”

Your style shows up and speaks for you, even if you don’t say a word. It all goes back to making a good first impression. We form 32 judgments and opinions about someone in the first 7 to 32 seconds of meeting them. What is your clothing and style saying about you?

I would love to help you discover the STYLE personalities hiding inside. (It was very interesting to discover many women were actually hiding their TRUE self.)

Please contact me for a session. You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.  Also, join me for a monthly Livingroom Lunch & Learn. Click here for more information. Topics always change. Check out my Facebook page for information and join in the conversation!

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5 Transition Pieces to Live with All Year Long

cashmereWhen you’re transitioning between fashion seasons, there are some items that deserve to stay in your closet twelve months out of the year. Here is a list of keepers—those 5 special transition pieces that are flexible enough to stick with your wardrobe season after season.

1. Mid-calf boots or booties
When it’s colder, you can tuck long pants into mid-calf boots or ankle booties and your whole body will feel warmer.

When it’s warmer, wear them barelegged with a dress or a skirt.

2. Slim ankle length or boot cut dark jeans
When it’s colder, wear a riding boot under the boot cut jean or tuck the slim ankle jean into the same boot style. Additionally, you can wear a pump with either style jean for a dressed up casual look, anytime.

When it’s warmer, wear a heeled strappy sandal and a loose top with the slim jean. Or wear a chunky platform with a slim-fit classic tee. Add jewelry.

3. Lightweight cashmere cardigan (pictured above)
When it’s colder, wear a long-sleeved silk or wool T-shirt under it. Add a heavier jacket when heading outdoors.

When it’s warmer, you can wear it open and loose over a tank and pants. Or on a summer night, drape the lightweight cardigan over the straps of your summer dress.

4. Long tanks
When it’s colder, wear a long tank under a cashmere crewneck sweater. The longer inside layer can be a color accent to your outfit and add more interest. It also allows you to wear a more cropped outer piece and have the modesty you need.

When it’s warmer, a long tank is a perfect layer for under sheer tunics or paired with a lightweight eyelet or lace jacket.

5. Lightweight wool scarf
When it’s colder, it’s great to wrap it around your neck and bundle up under a coat, cape or poncho. It can also be a great accent piece if it’s in a patterned print or bright color.

When it’s warmer, it’s a perfect wrap to throw over your shoulders in a chilly restaurant.

For help discovering your transition pieces and for finding new ways to wear them in the upcoming season, call me. I’m happy to help.

What is Your STYLE Personality?

Just as we have our individual personality type (if you are familiar with the Enneagram, you will know about types) that we automatically revert to as we deal with people and situations… we also have a STYLE personality that influences the way we dress and what we buy.

There are six basic STYLE personalities and the first time I was read what a “Classic” personality type was like, I couldn’t believe it!! That was ME!! I couldn’t stop laughing and nodding my head. Then as the rest of the personalities were revealed, we were all laughing and saying,” Oh that is my mother, or sister…”

Knowing your STYLE personality helps to give you a clearer picture of:
• Why you buy certain items
• How you wear things
• How you come across to others (without saying a word)

Join me at the next Living-room Lunch and Learn to discover your STYLE personality.
• What other types of style would you like to incorporate?
• Can you carry off that style? Why or why not?
• Why can your friend/sister where certain things and you can’t, even though you are similar body types?
• What kind of jewelry suits your STYLE personality?

For more information and to reserve your spot, please click here.

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My 5 Top Picks for Fall/Winter Fashion 2014-2015

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

Lots of items pass down the fashion runway but which looks make sense and which ones just make headlines? Don’t worry; you don’t have to figure it out alone. I’ve pulled out some great choices for you. Here are my top 5 picks for the fall/winter fashion season 2014-2015.

1. A quilted, hooded, leather car coat:
Why? This car coat works over slouchy trousers, or slim pants, and short to midi-skirts. It easily goes over a shift dress or jeans. This updated coat goes very casual to upscale and even covers the business casual category. This is the luxe version of the hoodie. Continue reading

3 Ways to Step into the 2014 Fall Fashion Trends

image consultant York RegionFall is approaching and weather can change from warm to cool quickly, which can make it challenging to look and feel comfortable and stylish. Some of the trends this fall make it easy to transition from warm weather clothing to cooler temps, and give some of your dresses and skirts longer wear-ability. But wait! Before you jump into the 2014 fall trend shopping, read this first. Here is a list of ways to step into 2014 Fall Fashion.

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

1. This season features soft colours and the pleather “Moto” jackets are still a hit.


click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

2. Sweaters are in… Toss a long sweater over a pencil skirt. Fall trends bring in plaid once again. I like a subtle plaid like in this skirt.


click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

3. Pair a sweater over a skirt or once again add a moto jacket, maybe with colour blocking for added appeal. Here is my last season’s navy Moto jacket that totally compliments my new plaid pencil skirt. What trends can you add to compliment what is already in your closet?



Below is a list of some of the trends you will begin to see in the stores:

• Plaid
• Leopard prints and zebras
• Faces on sweaters and dresses
• Words on sweaters
• Quilted jackets and vests
• Fringe/ ruffles
• Sequins in all sizes
• Shawl coats
• Puffer jackets and coats
• Trench coats both long and short
• Ponchos/capes
• Track pants/ metallic pants/ wide pants
• Skirts of all lengths
• Dresses in surplice v-neck/wrap dresses/shifts/ maxis
• Booties/ sneakers/ strappy shoes and booties

If you are feeling confused… I would love to help you shop for trends that flatter your figure and that complement the clothes you already have! Invite a small group of friends to meet for a Sneak Peek at Fall Trends and top it off with a few hours of shopping together as we peruse the stores. Contact me for more information.


Living Room Lunch and Learn

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Fall Trends and How to Wear Them

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  • Learn how to shop your closet before buying
  • On a budget? Learn how to add trends as accessories
  • Be stylish at any age!

Start arriving at 11:30 am. Lunch is at Noon.
Presentation and discussion while you enjoy your lunch from 12 to 1 pm.

When: Monday September 22, 2014 or
Monday September 29, 2014
Where: 3 Highland Terrace, Bradford

RSVP required and if you have food allergies please inform me.

Your place will be held when your payment is received. Pay Pal or E-transfer ( call Karen at 905-775-7486 for more details) Limited to 10 women. Cost: $20 For more information or to pay via paypal, please click here.

I welcome your feedback. You can reach me by phone at 905-775-7486 or email, leave a comment right here on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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2 More Panic Situations That Keep Women Caught In a Money Trap

wardrobe consultant York regionContinuing on from my last post, “4 Panic Situations that Keep Women Caught in a Money Trap“, here are panic situations 3 and 4. We all know occasions come up in our life that may throw us into a frenzy. What to wear can cause our heart to pound, head to ache and panic to set in. We rush out to buy something and still feel uncomfortable and thrown together. All that money for what? Another outfit to sit in your closet?

3. Panic Shopping Situation:

You have an event that requires you to wear an outfit that you don’t normally wear. If you’re scheduled to make a professional presentation and your home office work attire is yoga pants and a t-shirt, of course you’re panicked. Or you’re a city girl strutting confidently on hard pavement between tall buildings and you’ve been invited to a destination wedding that involves the sand and ocean. When faced with unusual-to-you clothing requirements, it’s easy to go into a store and quickly overspend to make up for your lack of confidence in this area. Continue reading

4 Panic Situations That Keep Women Caught in a Money Trap

panic shoppingEveryone has engaged in panic shopping at one time or another. Be truthful: Is it getting out of control? Are you spending money but not seeing a return on your investment. Clothes are expensive. One way to cut that expense is to do less panic shopping. Here’s how to control 4 panic situations that keep women caught in a money trap.

Panic Shopping Situation 1: Distraction from Reality

Have you ever said to yourself, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got to go shopping. My (husband, kids, job) is driving me crazy!” Using shopping to temporarily distract you from a tough emotional situation might work for a couple of hours but then afterwards you have less money, more stuff you don’t know what to do with, and the problems you ran away from still exist.

Continue reading

6 Inspirations for Updating Summer Workout Wear

Workout Wear - Style Consultant York RegionHas the arrival of warm sunshine, longer days and swimsuits, got you inspired to kick up your workout routine? Your personal workout gear can be your best cheerleader. Take a look at what you are wearing right now. You know your workout clothes need replacing when your sports bra is loose and doesn’t want to hug your body. Maybe your yoga pants are so low cut or your tops so loose and baggy, that when you are doing a downward dog position, you are exposing more of your anatomy than you’d like. Are your t-shirts showing yellow stains in the armpit area? Here are 6 inspirations for updating your summer workout wear.

Continue reading