How to Express Your Passions Through Fashion This 2017!

At the beginning of each New Year we focus on our goals for business, health, home and spiritual.

Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves in all the great plans.

In Fashion Feng Shui, we set an intention that we would like to bring out in our appearance. Fashion is an easy way to do that.

There is a plethora of styles and prints to choose from. So, let’s get personal with some prints that match your hobbies, interests or passions. Wear images that inspire you!

Love to write? Read?

You may carry a journal with you. Or, you have downloaded books that you can’t wait to get into this winter.

Wear clothing that bear messages. Appreciate your favourite font in a unique piece of clothing.

World Cultures & Travel?

You aren’t satisfied on a seven block radius in your neighborhood. Your goals include figuring out how to make a living writing a travel blog. Bring out your travel enthusiasm by wearing African prints, Asian inspired kimonos and dresses influenced by the rich colours of India.

Pictures of flower gardens dance in your head?

Your library is filled with botanical picture books. You have visited Monet’s gardens and you are pouring over seed catalogues for the spring.

Choose to wear florals in small or large bloom scale. Cardigans, dresses and tops can show off your passion for all things floral.

Love animals?

Your goal includes a trip to Africa next year. Or maybe you are headed to the rain forest? Stay inspired by wearing leggings in a zebra print. Or try an animal print scarf with your coat. There is an abundance of prints out there to wear during the day or silky pyjamas by night.



I am the only Fashion Feng Shui facilitator in Canada! And… I would love to help you set your intentions for 2017 through your clothing. Discover your essential element and how to bring your desires out in your clothing.

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3 More Style Recipes to Let Your Personality Shine

Yes, it is dress-up and party time! And… time to let your STYLE personality come out!.

Enter… YOU! Your personality deserves to shine and what a better way than wearing an outfit that matches who you are.

In my last blog, I gave 3 style recipes, a dramatic, a feminine and a funky. Here are 3 more to choose from.

  • Go for a Classic vibe. Black and white items like to play together. It could be a black pleated skirt and a white satin blouse, or a column of black under a white wool coat.  If you are a warm palette, you may want to try a buttery cream column of colour under a brown or navy jacket.







  • Are you a Minimalist? You could wear a black turtleneck, cigarette pants, and pointy toed kitten heels. In my case, I would choose a column of grey and grey snakeskin look shoes. If you are a warm palette, try all brown or deep eggplant. In this case less is more.

  • How about Glamorous for the New Year? Think movie star glamour and pull out you faux fur cape or jacket to wear over your red hot dress. Add a shade of red that blends with but doesn’t match your red dress.  Wear nude coloured pumps to keep the attention closer to your face. You will be turning heads!

Wishing you Prosperity, Good Health and Joy in 2017! Now… go get your GLAM on!

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What is Your Festive STYLE Personality?

Well the season is upon us and whether it’s for a holiday party, a special occasion, or a last minute “Want to meet for drinks?” invitation, you don’t want to waste time fussing over your outfit.

You WANT to be able to open your closet and create a memorable outfit that matches your style personality!  Then all you need to do is take care of the hair and make-up. Well what is that you ask? Let me help!

Here are 3 fancy, festive style recipes I have whipped up for you.

  • Try on a Dramatic look. From your closet choose the brightest, boldest tunic top you have. Pair it with a leather jegging or a dark denim ankle jean. Throw on some sexy shoes and call it party time… Forget something? Yes, a true dramatic would be wearing bold accessories as well.








  • How about a soft Feminine vibe?  Opposite from the dramatic…Wear separates in soft, blush tones. Try mixing up your fabrics to combine shiny surfaces and matte. Add your vintage diamonds (circonias) and you will be irresistible.


  • Try a Funky outfit. Dress up your dark, slim jeans with patterned or colourful pumps. Add a silky blouse, open at the neck where your blingy, statement necklace will be dancing with the light.  You will be dancing too with the excitement of knowing you look so great!

I am full of creative ideas for STYLE recipes! I love mixing and matching outfits to my clients’ personalities and occasions. Give me a call 905-775-7486 or email

This is a perfect time to be party ready.

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The Makings of an Outfit … 2


Here we are in the cooler season and still able to wear a sweater coat. Plus, I like being able to run into the mall or for lunch with friends and not have to wear a heavy coat.

I love the elegance of this sweater.  Even though I am short at 5’0” I can still wear it with boots or booties with a heel to give me some extra height.

Why does it work?

Well the column of colour under it is the secret.
The column of winter white creates a vertical line which the eye follows and therefore makes it slimming.

To add to the slimming length, I like to wear a light tan bootie. They blend well with the off white pants.
I have shown another option too, the grey booties. They would tie in the grey of the sweater.


The necklace I chose had some chunkiness to it, so it balances the weight of the sweater.
Plus, it has grey beads to pull in the sweater, tan to bring in the shoes and a yellowish bead that again pulls in the tan boot.

The sweater and turtleneck I bought at ZuZu Fashions in Barrie. The sweater coat is Fresh FX brand.  The off white pants are from Chico’s.

Do you have a sweater coat you feel great in?
I have 3 lovely sweater coats from Red Coral in stock as well, so call or email to book time to come over.

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3 Ways Accessories Add Life to an Outfit

Are you needing an accessory overhaul?

Many women ask me,” What size of accessories suit me? What colour? How do I know what to put with what?”

Some women wear no accessories at all because they just can’t figure it out.

Accessories can make a simple outfit come to life! You can MAXIMIZE your clothes with accessories because they change the look in so many ways.  For example, take a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt and create endless possibilities by changing your shoe, a scarf, or necklace.


Accessories can ENERGIZE an outfit!

You can add colour or drama to draw interest. Image again, a simple pair of blue jeans, a beige bootie and a camel cardigan or wrap. Now add this camel handbag with gold details. You have suddenly added glamour and wealth to your look.


Accessories INDIVIDUALIZE your outfits!

You can add your personal style through accessories. Try mimicking your eye colour in a necklace of scarf. Bring in your hair colour in your shoes or a vest. How about picking up your face shape in earrings or a pendant shape?

If you aren’t sure how to accessorize, I am here for you!

NEW!!! I will be soon be offering SKYPE sessions on accessorizing. The first is how to choose the most flattering accessories based on your face shape, bone structure and height.

  • You will choose a time that is best for you, and in the comfort of your home. Just you and me time!
  • When you book, you will receive a list of what you need to bring to the session.
  • You will receive an accessory worksheet to follow along with me.

Look for my page, Accessories to Maximize, Energize and Individualize,  on Facebook and on my website.

I am here to help you pull your look together !

December is DRESSember month!

Dressember is a month to honour women in business, whether it’s  a corporate job, solo-preneur, home business.  We wear a dress to show we can be feminine and still be powerful.

I will be starting with a simple Little Black Dress and posting it everyday in December, styled in a different way.

One dress, 31 variations! All this using accessories and jackets.

I invite you to choose a simple LBD ( little black, brown, blue or burgundy) to dress 5 different ways and post with me.

Or… you absolutely don’t wear dresses or skirts? Then choose a pair of pants and a top you can style 5 different ways using accessories.

Let’s have some styling fun! And… when you participate, your name will be put in a draw to win a special accessory!

The Making of an Outfit Series

“How do you know what to put together?”  “How do you accessorize?”

“Where do you shop for clothes?”  “I don’t know what to do with a scarf.”

These are a few of the questions and comments I get from women.  I am often asked to do more on how I put outfits together, so I will add this as a regular to my blog.

Feeling feminine and cozy in my networking outfit.


This outfit all started with a new wrap I bought at ZuZu Fashion Boutique in downtown Barrie.

I was going to a network meeting and knew the evening would be cool, so my new wrap was perfect!

I really like to have a core base of colour to elongate my body and make me look taller, and I achieved this with grey pants and a darker grey knit top.

Grey heeled booties add height and brings the eye of the beholder, up to my face and hair colour.

Since the outfit has an air of elegance, the new necklace consisting of a long silver leaf and a large pearl, also from ZuZu, compliments the grey and the elegant, classic style I was aiming for.

I added a dark, pewter, chunky bracelet to give interest and boldness to the overall look.

Here are steps I recommend:

  1. Know what colours best suit you and compliment your skin undertone.
  2. Bring out your personality in your outfits.
  3. Dress for the occasion whether it is networking, a date night, working in your office or a party.
  4. If you are 5’4 and under, then you definitely want to create a taller look.
  5. Choose shoes or boots that draw in your hair colour or pull the eye up to your face.
  6. Accessories are the icing on the cake to finish your look.

Still not sure how to make the most of the clothes you have? I would love to assist you in mixing and matching.

Check out my new 7 Step System to Achieving Your Best Style. Go to my website at  and click on the packages tab.

Also, I would love it if you joined me at my “Dress Up Your Denim” workshop. Learn how to create many outfits from casual to party styles, using your denim pieces. I will demonstrate how to add some of the current trends to your denim, for all occasions.

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Are You in a Timewarp Rut?

Are you retired and think, “I no longer go out to business so I don’t need to dress up or buy new clothes. I can wear the old things hanging in my closet.”

Or… this scenario as I have encountered many times. “I stay at home and just go out to run errands, walk the dog or go to the gym. I live in my yoga pants.”

Maybe you haven’t changed sizes in years and therefore don’t see much reason for buying new clothes. In fact, you have held this philosophy for years. You feel your appearance is good enough.

We send messages out about ourself without ever opening our mouth. All of the above scenarios say, “I have given up. I am stuck. I am boring. I am not relevant.”

Neglecting to update your style or appearance sends a message that you no longer care about yourself.


Updating your look to be more modern and current, so you look relevant and savvy, doesn’t have to cost a lot.

It does mean your clothes should fit you well and be in colours that make you look radiant and healthy.

You can easily update your look by switching from yoga pants to comfortable jeans. Add a longer sweater over your comfortable outfit and a scarf that makes your eyes sparkle.

Take a look at Margaret in the picture below. She is wearing comfortable pants and a pullover but has added dash and youthfulness with a scarf and a cap. Margaret is 75 and caught my attention. She looks like someone I would like to get to know.


What message are you sending to those around you? Most importantly, what message are you sending to yourself?

I am passionate about helping women over 50 look current, up to date so the younger genaration knows we ARE still very relevant in society. We have experience and knowledge and wonderful stories to share.

I would love to help you make the most of the clothing you already have in your closet and bring a new life to it!

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Simple Ways to Add Prints into Your Wardrobe

This season prints are on everything: handbags, scarves, shoes, pants, dresses, tops, outerwear and more. If you have a wardrobe that relies heavily on solid colours, adding prints will make you feel like you have doubled your wardrobe choices. Mixing and matching will be easy and fun all season.

Prints are great at adding interest. A print can spark a conversation. A print in colours that favors your personal colouring will bring out more of your beauty.

If you decide to mix prints to add interest to your look, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some easy combinations to try.

  • Polka dots with stripes
  • Floral print with pinstripes or checks
  • Literal prints with plaid or checks
  • Checks with a buffalo plaid in similar colours

Maybe you’re attracted to animal prints but have never worn them. You can try out a print by wearing it in something small like a print handbag, a print shoe, a print neck scarf, or even a print belt. You’d be surprised how a small amount of print will add a lot to your outfit.

Try wearing scarves with subtle animal print. I have a wonderful selection at my studio!scarves





If you’re ready to have your print take up more space, wear a printed blouse under a jacket, a printed dress with a jacket, or a printed coat over a column of colour.

When mixing prints be sure to pick up a main colour. Here is an example of stripes with a polka dot scarf. The navy and white is the common factor. dress





While prints can seem overwhelming if you’re seeing them in a window display or on a mannequin, there is definitely a way to wear them that will bring you joy. I’d be very happy to help you explore prints this season. Who knows? You may become a huge fan of prints. I’m here for you!

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Ten Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Look for $100.00 or Less

When you feel like making a change in your style, the first roadblock you imagine is the cost. You’re afraid it’s going to cost a fortune. Fear no more. There are fashion updates that can make you feel fresh and uplifted without draining your funds. Here is a list of ten things you can do to feel energized. I’ve made a point of including actions that will cost $100 at the most.

  1. Get your nails done in a new colour

Leaf through your favorite fashion magazine and pay attention to nails. Which colours inspire you? Do you like bright and bold colours or neutral and understated tones? When exposing both fingernails and toes, they don’t need to match. Go with a neutral shade on your fingernails and a bold colour on your toes or vice versa.

  1. Buy a shoe with character

If your style is classic from head to ankle, update your style by purchasing an inexpensive shoe with attitude. It could be a flat or a heel in a fun print like polka dots, animal print, floral, or an unusually bright colour. Or if you lean towards a more casual wardrobe, try pairing your casual look with a great classic patent pump.


  1. Pick up some new reading glasses

Check your local drugstore for a quick style score. Often times they carry reading glasses in fun colours, tortoiseshell, or patterned. Or update your frame shape with a modern or trendy style. Pick up two or three pairs so you have one for every mood.

  1. Include a watch in your next purchase

While you’re at the drugstore, check that twirly rack with inexpensive watches. Do any of them catch your eye? Also try your department stores juniors’ section for more hip and trendy watches that are still at a decent price. This doesn’t have to be your everyday watch. It can be an accent watch that you love looking at and is fun for right now.

  1. Cut your hair at a new salon

Is it time to check out a new salon? Consider a salon that has loud music or funky art on the walls and the hair stylists don’t look anything like you. Chances are they are up on the latest, and you want the latest. If you are too leery at first, set up a style consultation before the actual appointment, but be open to new ideas. A fresh look can be very rewarding.

  1. Buy some new shades

An inexpensive pair of trendy, funky, artsy sunglasses can be just what you need for a quick update look. Be on the look out for possibilities at gas stations, street fairs, junior departments, department stores or boutique stores. A wide variety of styles are available at low prices.

  1. Update your lip colour

Stop by a department store cosmetic counter and ask to try on a new shade. The professionals can lead you to a colour that steps you out of your comfort zone but blends well with your colouring. Have fun falling in love with a new colour.

  1. Accessorize with a hair ornament

Enjoy the latest in hair accessories with clips that sparkle or headbands with patterns. You could turn a vintage sparkly brooch into a hair ornament as well.

  1. Let your t-shirt do the talking      

Love the new colours of the season or the new patterns and prints? Get them in a T-shirt and pair with your existing pants or skirts. Your blazer, new T-shirt, favorite jeans and heels can carry you into date night.

  1. Go hunting for fun costume jewelry

You can buy new, inexpensive costume jewelry at low price point stores or come over and visit my Style Shop. I have purchased a range of jewelry for the Fall.


Do you need a more in-depth style update? I’m here to help. Whether you’d like me to shop your closet and put fresh looks together from your existing wardrobe or you’d like to plan a shopping trip, give me a call. We can get started right away!

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How to Wear Leggings or Jeggings This Fall

Yes…I agree leggings and jeggings are very comfortable but how do you wear them so they look good on women over 40?

First Ladies…know that leggings/jeggings, are NOT pants and should not be treated as such.  Leggings are more comparable to a heavy, thick pair of tights. They reveal all your curves and bumps.  Also, they are not professional wear and are a casual look.

Consider leggings/ jeggings, as a supportive part of your outfit, and not the main piece. They look amazing with tunics, knit dresses, asymmetric tops, long cardigans and sweaters.  With vests and the layered look being so popular, you could add a poncho or wrap over your tunic and leggings.  Leggings can be worn with heels, flats, booties or tall boots, depending on the occasion.  If you have thick calves and ankles, avoid wearing heels. Your best choice is a wide calf boot.  Buy thick leggings with stretch to compress your legs for great shape.  Ponte leggings are a good choice.  Faux leather leggings can give an edgier look.

a b c d e

amber amber1 amber3 amber5

For a complete line of leggings, jeggings, faux leather leggings and tunics visit…
You can order from my site, book a private consultation or bring a small group of friends along.  I would be happy to help you create your best looks for Fall.

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