13 Tips To Make it Easy to Wear White Jeans This Summer!

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White jeans are in a clothing category all to themselves. They are a sign of warm weather and fun times; a classic that won’t ever go out of style and a wardrobe staple with all kinds of uses. Going to a party? Dress up your white jeans! Knocking around town this weekend? Grab your white jeans! Planning a weekend getaway? Pack your white jeans! Here are 13 tips to make it easy to wear white jeans this summer.

1. White jeans need to be made of thicker cotton than most summer cotton pants. If they are too thin, your skin texture or undergarments will show through to the outside.

2. White jeans are shouldn’t be as tight as your indigo jeans. You’ll look thinner and trimmer if there’s a little room to move in them.

3. An ankle length white jean is casual and fun with flats, sandals or a cute tennis shoe. If your white jeans are full length, consider rolling them up to get this modern look.

4. Nothing is more Canada Day or backyard barbeque-appropriate than white jeans worn with a red top or blazer. Start planning your summer outfits now.

5. Popsicle colors are great when teamed with white jeans: try orange, lime, raspberry blue, or grape.

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6. Neutral shades are glamorous with white jeans. Try these combinations: black/white; navy/white; beige/white.

7. An army camouflage jacket, linen jacket, baseball jacket, or blazer in sky blue, pink, or navy are all great pairings with white jeans.

8. Chunky knit sweaters are chic and cozy to wear with white jeans during summer evenings or on breezy days.

9. A great way to dress up white jeans is with a fun pump. Try a pump in animal print, floral print, or striped fabric print. Throw on a silk blazer and layered necklaces and you’re ready for a night out.

10. Go for a classic Hollywood movie star look with a striped sweater, St. Tropez sandals and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

11. Go for a funkier urban look with a striped sweater, motorcycle booties and sunglasses in a metallic or bold color.

12. Wear a chambray button-up shirt with white ankle jeans and white tennis shoes for a great put together look to peruse the farmers market or run Saturday errands.

13. A silk colorful patterned blouse, white jeans, big sunglasses and ankle strap sandals are great for a Sunday brunch or a day trip to the beach.

Get the look right with my assistance! Let’s put your white jean outfits together so that you can look fresh and cool all summer long. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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8 Fashion Tips for your Changing Boomer Babe Life

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Are you a Boomer Babe? How has life changed for you?  Are there new things to dress for; new relationships, new jobs, grandkids, exciting adventures? You might be finding the old clothes just don’t seem right for current times. Where do you go for guidance and advice about navigating the next decade or two in fashion? Do you need some helpful tips?

When I talk to women 50 + I hear the same complaints… your bodies have changed and you feel out of synch with the clothes in the store. You are experiencing that “Menopausal Middle.”
Your lifestyle has changed and now there are whole sections of your closet that has no purpose in your life and clothes are just taking up space.  Why are so many baby boomers feeling stuck in a rut when they should be enjoying life? Boomer Babes don’t want to look old but there is always the fear of trying too hard to look young. Where is the balance?

Well I have good news for you… there are resources for finding the sweet spot when it comes to dressing your age and feel great about it!

Here are 8 tips:
1.  Wear higher waist jeans. I like Not Your Daughters Jeans ( NYDJ) . They have some tummy control too.

2. Relaxed or boyfriend jeans have some stretch in them.

3. Wear looser tops such as tunics… wear them to your leg break so they cover your behind.

4.  Dresses, dresses, dresses… look so great and manufacturers are beginning to clue in and design them with ¾ length sleeves and stretch.

5. Layer longer camisoles underneath tops, sweaters or jackets.

6. Wear a body shaper… some are even included in the tops now.

7.  Discover comfie shoes that look stylish.

8. Brighten your look with accessories.

Boomers have always been special and at this point in our life I can tell you: Life is to be enjoyed right here and right now!

I am one of those “Boomer Babes” and I am enjoying playing with a few new trend pieces such as my new stretchy jean jacket. Check out my last week’s Facebook posts to see how I have paired up past years clothing items to create some new looks. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ the page and join in the conversation! Follow me on Twitter too!

Need some help? I am always happy to bring my “Style Eyes” in to your closet and see what new creations we can make to bring a smile to your face and add a spring to your step. You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment right here on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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10 Tips on How to Bring Spring into Your Wardrobe

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It’s that time of year; the weather’s unpredictable, allergies are acting up, and spring fashions aren’t quite ready to wear yet. Here’s a little study guide of 10 tips to help you take baby steps toward warm weather fashion and bring spring into your wardrobe.

1. Cashmere can move into spring
Cashmere sweaters or cardigans can be a great choice heading into spring – even summer, especially when they are in lighter colors and/or are lightweight. Reach for them as great layering pieces for when days are flip flopping between warm and cold. Continue reading

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1. Be Fearless: Be forward in your fashion thinking. Continue reading

10 Holiday Party Etiquette Tips… Do’s and Don’ts

holiday party etiquetteWe probably all have a party story to tell—one where things went very wrong because of something an invited guest did or did not do. Hopefully, you’ve never been in the role of the unthinking party guest! To get you ready for a season of festive gatherings, here is a list of 10 holiday party etiquette tips so you can be a great guest.

1. Do pace yourself with your alcohol consumption if you’re party hopping. You don’t want to be the guest spoken about the next day because of some avoidable antics that started with a little too much to drink at the first party, culminating in definitely too much to drink at the next one. In all the frivolity, it’s easy to lose track. Have a plan for moderation. Continue reading

7 Ways to Look Festive This Holiday Season Without Breaking the Bank

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1. Wear a truly red lipstick and keep the rest of your makeup colours neutral. Wear a shade in “your” colour palette, so if you have a warm undertone, then try a brick red. If you have a cool undertone, wear a blue red.

2. Wear a large jeweled necklace as a statement collar against your crewneck sweater or top. You can find these at junior stores such as H&M, Forever XX1, and Zara or… visit your favourite Silpada or Lia Sophia jewelry representative for ideas. Continue reading