Spring Fashion – Are You a Colour Clash or a Colour Compliment?

what's wrong with this look?

What’s wrong with this look? Give me your feedback!

Spring is here and most of us are excited to be wearing lighter and brighter clothes.  Seeing the beautiful spring colours in the store windows brings a smile to my face. However, the colours featured in the spring fashion palette do not make my smile look bright, white and dazzling, because they are warm colours of peach, yellow, lime green and lilac. Since I have a “cool” skin undertone, I look sallow when I wear warm colours. Are You a Colour Clash or a Colour Compliment?

Wearing unflattering colours can make you look tired, older than your age and can actually deplete your energy.

When you wear clothing in colours that are too strong for your complexion, hair and eyes, they are the attention getters, not you. Bright or neon colors can seem to enter a room before you do. All anyone can see is the colour and you go missing.

Clothes in muted or faded colours can be gorgeous on some people. But if you’re not someone who lights up a room wearing dove gray or putty, these colours could make you look sickly or invisible. In this case, it’s impossible to exude presence or power.

Too many colours worn at once can make someone think you’re wearing a costume not an outfit. Your clothes create a spectacle rather than a connection.

Congruency is a word I use often with clients. If you have warm colouring in your hair (e.g., red hair) and you wear a white and black outfit, you lack a congruency. You are combining warm and cool colours in your overall appearance and this is distracting.

The goal is to create a flow that compliments your natural skin tone, hair colour and eye colour.

Flattering colors aren’t hard to find. A colour expert can clear up any confusion you might have and make finding “your” colours a joy. If you haven’t had a colour analysis, you are missing an integral link to pulling your look together, to saving money and time shopping and to hearing fabulous compliments like ”You look wonderful!”

Here is what one client recently said:

Karen did my colour analysis and WOW….did I learn a few things from her! Colour can make a world of a difference in how you are perceived by others. As I sat in her studio in front of a mirror, she held different colours against my chest. Depending on the colour, my face radiated from being ill and pale to having a beautiful shine of presence and greatness.

Karen and I sure chuckled as we went through my business causal clothes, laughing at my light colourful shirts which reflected my own personality being soft, loving and kind. Because of this, I learned no one takes me seriously enough with authority because I blend right into my colours. I think Karen may be onto something here…look out world as Mustafa begins to replace his wardrobe in the coming months!

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5 Tips for the In-Between Fashion Season

fashion expert york regionIt’s that time of year. You look in your closet and nothing looks fun or interesting. You’re sick of your wardrobe, your skin needs some vitamin D, and you’re ready to come out of hibernation. But how do you put spring in your fashion step when the weather’s not cooperating? No worries, here are 5 tips for changing up your look in this transitional time between seasons.

1. Show (the illusion of) More Skin

  • Layer long-sleeved sheer tops over camisoles and add a swing cardigan in a lighter color if you need more warmth.
  • Choose a lower neckline. Try a scoop neck long-sleeved T-shirt or sweater instead of a crew neck.
  • Cuff your skinny jeans and wear flats or ankle booties to show off a bare ankle.
  • Swap out opaque black tights for colored ones or replace tights with nude fishnets or other open-weave, patterned hosiery.

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14 Signs Your Wardrobe is in Great Shape

Spring wardrobeSpring is finally peeking through the rays of the sun and what does this mean? It means time to review what is in your closet and prepare for your summer wardrobe! Here are 14 signs that ensure your closet and wardrobe is in the best shape it can be.

1. Only clothing you can wear in the current season is in your closet. Clothes for the opposite season are stored away.

2. Nearly everything is visible when you open your closet doors. Clothes and accessories aren’t hidden away.

3. Shoes are on shoe racks and every single pair is in good condition.

4. Your dry-cleaning, alterations, shoe and handbag repairs aren’t buried in your closet somewhere. You’ve already dropped them off and they’re ready to be picked up this week.

5. You have outfit combinations that you’re 100% sure about.

6. Your accessories are easy to grab whether they’re in your closet or on a dressing table.

7. Handbags are organized on a shelf or hung on a rack. Stuffing is placed inside of them to help keep their original shape. You’ve recently reconditioned them with leather lotion.

8. All the hangers are the same color and design. No clothing items are being damaged by the use of wire hangers.

9. Clothing is organized in a way that makes sense to you—either by color, type of item or lifestyle category.

10. You have an outfit you could put on in five minutes for any occasion including dressy or casual parties, sporting events, girl’s night out, romantic dinners, interviews, festivals or funerals.

11. All the clothes in your closet are in colors that flatter you and complement your coloring.

12. Everything in your closet fits you now or within a five-pound fluctuation. Anything smaller or larger is stored away or given away.

13. Everything in your closet makes you happy. You’re not hanging on to clothes that don’t suit you or conjure up bad memories or make you feel bad about yourself.

14. You have your image consultant’s phone number on speed dial, and you don’t hesitate to call her when you need help!

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Make Lingerie Your Friend

sexy lingerieWhat does it matter what’s under your clothes if you’re sitting in a board meeting looking totally professional and in charge? It matters because the right lingerie next to your skin can make you feel better-than-great, confident and put together. Make lingerie your friend! You don’t have a lingerie wardrobe or wouldn’t even know where to start putting one together? No worries! I’m here to help.

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6 Sexy Ways to Dress For Romance

image consultant York regionLet’s face it…romance is a mood thing. Forget trying to find the latest aphrodisiac. Go to your closet instead! What makes you feel sexy? What makes you feel flirty? While you are searching through your closet,  put on some Etta James, Alicia Keyes (Girl On Fire) or Melanie Fiona ( Give It To Me Right) and let your sensual side be your guide. Here are 6 sexy ways to dress for romance especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

1. Live out of the ordinary

Wear animal prints that bring out the wild side in you. You can wear them on the inside with your choice of underwear or on the outside with an animal print scarf, t-shirt, shoes or handbag. Rarrrrrgh!

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How to Dress While You Lose Weight in 2014

dressing while you lose weight“When I lose the weight, I will look great,” is what everyone says to herself at this time of year. But here’s the truth. People who lose weight don’t automatically know how to dress their new body shape once they get it. In fact, they’ll continue to shop for clothes that worked for the previous shape just out of habit.

I bet you have your weight loss plan in place. What I’d like to help you with is looking great throughout the process. It would be a mistake to neglect your shape while transforming into a new one. You work on your weight loss regime and I’ll coach you through making the most of your current wardrobe and helping you decide when it’s time to shop.

Celebrate 5… you are on the right track!

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2014 New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

Karen Dorland Image ConsultantYou and millions of other people will be doing the same this January 2014: resolving to make your life better by changing a habit or two or three by making some New Year’s resolutions. They might even come from this list of common goals:

  • Lose weight
  • Make more money
  • Get healthier
  • Be nicer
  • Be less impulsive
  • Count my blessings

Wouldn’t it be grand if we could accomplish all of that? Yes! But chances are we won’t. However, using our fashion eyes we can make a difference in every single item on this list. It could be easier than you think!

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Happy Holidays from Image Connections and Thank You!

Image Expert York RegionHappy Holidays from Image Connections and Thank you! I would like to express my gratitude to you for signing up and following my fashion tips and ideas.

January is the time when most people plan their goals for the year. Well that applies to how you want to look in 2014 too. Our appearance speaks volumes about us, without us saying a word… so what do you want your appearance to say about you? Stay tuned as I show you ways you can say “I am fabulous!” this 2014.

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De Stress…Holiday Party Checklist

holiday partyTake the stress out of your holiday events by using this handy party checklist. Don’t leave your house until you’ve checked it twice.

One week (minimum) prior to the party:

The party outfit is ready to wear!

Try on your party outfit. Does it fit? Is it clean? Do you have the entire outfit or is something missing? Be sure to check that the head-to-toe pieces are all there. If they aren’t all there, schedule a shopping trip now to finish your look. Does a key piece need alterations? Schedule it. Drop off anything that needs dry cleaning and schedule the pickup.

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Get Your Red On!

iStock_000004953401XSmall‘Tis the Season and what colour do you see more often?! YES, it’s time to get your RED on!

I work with many clients who say, “I can’t wear red.” Well I am here to tell you that I am sure you can; you just haven’t been wearing the right shade of red.

redheadWhen you visit me for Colour Analysis, you will discover there are various tones and shades of red. Some have warm undertones with yellow in them and the woman who can wear those would be a Spring or Autumn palette. Their ‘red’ would be brick or an orange-red. You can wear red with a bronze or brown added to it.

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