5 Key Points to Consider About Age Appropriate Dressing

age appropriate dress for women 50+When it comes to dressing in an age appropriate manner, all kinds of questions come up especially when women want to look more feminine and flirty. I am often asked, “What is age-appropriate?” Below are some common questions and 5 key points to consider.


1. If I can fit into my teenage daughter’s clothes, is it okay for me to wear them even if I’m twenty-five years older than she is?

2. Forever 21 is my daughter’s favorite store. I like shopping there, too. Everything is so current and so cheap!

3. I want to look youthful even though I’m getting older. I don’t have to give up on fashion, do I?

4. I don’t know whom to trust when it comes to shopping. Do I listen to my daughter, a twenty-five-year-old sales associate or my daring girlfriends who love shopping all the time?

5. Is it reasonable to expect to be noticed and complimented on what I wear once I’m over forty-five or am I just invisible now and that’s the way it is?

No matter your age, fashion and style can play a great role in your life. When we take time to pay attention to our appearance, it reinforces our self-esteem. And great self-esteem is attractive at any age.

Getting it right however, is another matter. No one sets out to look foolish but haven’t we all seen a mother/daughter team wearing very similar outfits and it’s just glaringly off? What makes sense for one generation doesn’t make sense for the one above it. When we get it wrong we’re sending a message about ourselves that isn’t one we really want to be remembered by.

Luckily beauty comes in many packages. It’s good to start with some reasonable expectations. Can we agree on these three points?

1. It’s our right to look great at any age.

2. What worked when we were twenty doesn’t work the same when we’re forty, fifty or sixty. That’s okay. Fashion generously offers options that are both attractive and appropriate.

3. It’s okay to get help from experts who understand how fashion works. A professional style and wardrobe consultant can show us how to look our best in every decade.

4. When a mature woman wears clothes that are designed for teens, the result is often the exact opposite of what was intended. Instead of looking young, the wearer of that outfit looks a lot older than she is. Dressing your age doesn’t mean looking frumpy or old. It means looking modern and current in clothes that suit a mature body. You can get just as many compliments if not more when you dress age appropriately. In fact, as you get older there are fashion choices that wouldn’t have tempted you when you were younger. There’s a great world of fashion waiting for you!

5. Clothes that are sold in teen stores are manufactured with a teen body. By the time a woman is in her thirties, forties or fifties, her body has changed even if her weight hasn’t. You can be in the best shape of your life in your fifth decade but still need help shopping. Those “just right” shopping sources are out there and a professional can help you find them.

Celebrate who you are right now! Remember, it’s your right to look great and I’m right here to help you do that!

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5 MUST-HAVES for Looking and Feeling Sexy… at Any Age!

style consultant york regionHere it is February again and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Why do we limit looking and feeling sexy and sensual to this month?  If you feel looking sexy is only for 20 year olds, you may be ignoring this playful, fun part of dressing. Are you constantly buying business clothes and “making do” with unexciting choices for weekend engagements? Do you say no to social invitations because you don’t have anything to wear? Then this blog post is for you! Below are my top 5 MUST-HAVES for adding a little sex appeal into your wardrobe.

  1. Wear a proper fitting bra and buy underwear in an animal print, red or coral.
  2. Wear RED! You can choose a red in your colour palette; whether it is a blue red or an orange red or a coral. You can wear a red top, a red scarf, red shoes or my favourite is red lipstick. If that is even too much for you try red nail polish.
  3. Wear animal print. Again, wear it in your colour palette. You can find grey and black animal print, pink and black, greens and brown , as well as the traditional brown and gold. Try it in a scarf, a top, a pair of shoes. I have seen simple sheath dresses in animal print this season too. If you buy underclothes in an animal print, wear it under your business clothes and feel naughty all day!
  4. Wear lace! Lace has been a big trend the past 2 years. Try a lace blouse, a dress. You can even wear lace knee high stockings under your dress pants or lace stockings with a plain dress and boots.
  5. Play up your eyes. A little make-up can go a long way. Add a little eyeliner, mascara and if you dare … some eye shadow. If you are concerned about what colour suits you, grab your colour wallet. It will give you selections for your colouring. Book a time with me for some make-up “Playtime” and learn some tips on what colours enhance your eyes and compliment your skin undertone.

Bonus tip…SMILE! That is the most appealing, sensuous trick you can do.

You know, I am asked this question over and over by women 45 +…. “What is age-appropriate?” My one answer is, “If you feel uncomfortable in it, then don’t wear it.” You will fidget and fuss with whatever you are wearing and those around you will feel uncomfortable too.
There are ways to adapt the current, youthful trends for those of us who are more mature.

So with this in mind, please click here to learn more about my Lunch & Learn sessions for this month taking place on February 24th and February 25th. Learn how to take the mystery out of how to dress age-appropriately, yet still look feminine, sensual and attractive.

Book a complimentary mini-makeover and try out my new line of YOUnique makeup products. Learn what colours enhance your skin undertone. What liners make your eyes pop and how to use them. Try out the new 3D mascara!

I look forward to connecting with you. You can reach me by phone or email, leave a comment right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

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Do You Have Closetitis?… 3 Tips to Fixing Your Closet

style consultant york regionIt’s one of the most common problems I hear about: Having a closet stuffed with clothes but only a handful of outfits that one feels okay about wearing out in public. How does this happen? How do clothes gather in a closet and never get worn? Is it a shopping problem? Is it a problem of not knowing what or where to buy, to get a proper fit? Maybe everyone is suffering from”closetitis.” Everything in the closet seems to be infected and the result is that nothing looks good. No matter what you put on, nothing works. Below are 3 tips to fixing what’s wrong in your closet. Continue reading

15 Ways to Show-up in 2015…What’s Your Fashion “F” Word… ?

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1. Be Fearless: Be forward in your fashion thinking. Continue reading

10 Holiday Party Etiquette Tips… Do’s and Don’ts

holiday party etiquetteWe probably all have a party story to tell—one where things went very wrong because of something an invited guest did or did not do. Hopefully, you’ve never been in the role of the unthinking party guest! To get you ready for a season of festive gatherings, here is a list of 10 holiday party etiquette tips so you can be a great guest.

1. Do pace yourself with your alcohol consumption if you’re party hopping. You don’t want to be the guest spoken about the next day because of some avoidable antics that started with a little too much to drink at the first party, culminating in definitely too much to drink at the next one. In all the frivolity, it’s easy to lose track. Have a plan for moderation. Continue reading

7 Ways to Look Festive This Holiday Season Without Breaking the Bank

2014 holiday fashionThe 2014 holiday season is just around the corner. Not sure what to wear? Here are 7 ways to look festive without breaking the bank…

1. Wear a truly red lipstick and keep the rest of your makeup colours neutral. Wear a shade in “your” colour palette, so if you have a warm undertone, then try a brick red. If you have a cool undertone, wear a blue red.

2. Wear a large jeweled necklace as a statement collar against your crewneck sweater or top. You can find these at junior stores such as H&M, Forever XX1, and Zara or… visit your favourite Silpada or Lia Sophia jewelry representative for ideas. Continue reading

What’s Your 2014 Holiday Style?

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

The 2014 holiday season will be upon us soon. I bet you have some holiday traditions you’re looking forward to reviving and maybe one or two that you’re ready to change. The same can be true about your attire during this time of year. You may have a section of your closet that holds your holiday-themed outfits. Take a minute to pause and rethink your choices. You don’t have to stick with what you’ve always done. Maybe this year you’ll be inspired to change it up.

As we get excited about decorating our homes, tabletops and packages, we can get excited about how we’ll adorn our bodies. This is the time of year when a little more is expected from your outfits. Don’t hesitate to create ensembles that are at least twenty-five percent more sparkly, colorful or luxurious than ones you normally wear. Continue reading

6 STYLE Personalities… Which Are You?

What style does this woman have?

What style does this woman have?
click image to enlarge

Just as we have a personality of our own which shows itself in everything we do, we also have a STYLE personality that shines through in what we wear. So let’s look at the 6 basic style personality types. Which one are you?

1. Dramatic: The dramatic is fashionable and sophisticated.
Appearance is striking and exaggerated, can be severe.
Gives the impression of leadership, fashion forward, avant garde appearance. Continue reading

5 Transition Pieces to Live with All Year Long

cashmereWhen you’re transitioning between fashion seasons, there are some items that deserve to stay in your closet twelve months out of the year. Here is a list of keepers—those 5 special transition pieces that are flexible enough to stick with your wardrobe season after season.

1. Mid-calf boots or booties
When it’s colder, you can tuck long pants into mid-calf boots or ankle booties and your whole body will feel warmer.

When it’s warmer, wear them barelegged with a dress or a skirt. Continue reading

My 5 Top Picks for Fall/Winter Fashion 2014-2015

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge

Lots of items pass down the fashion runway but which looks make sense and which ones just make headlines? Don’t worry; you don’t have to figure it out alone. I’ve pulled out some great choices for you. Here are my top 5 picks for the fall/winter fashion season 2014-2015.

1. A quilted, hooded, leather car coat:
Why? This car coat works over slouchy trousers, or slim pants, and short to midi-skirts. It easily goes over a shift dress or jeans. This updated coat goes very casual to upscale and even covers the business casual category. This is the luxe version of the hoodie. Continue reading