6 Ideas for Developing Time Honoured STYLE

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In my previous blog I looked at Fashion versus Style. Do you relate to fashion or do you relate to style? One of my most treasured activities with my clients is developing their “Style” words and helping them to discover what their style truly is. Here are 6 ideas for developing your time honoured style!

1. The late designer, Yves Saint Laurent (pictured above), who provided us with decades of ground-breaking fashion said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal.

2. Style is how you choose to express yourself in the world. Fashion gives you the tools to express yourself and your style with clarity. There’s a big difference between choosing a black trench coat, a red one, or one with leopard spots. You know which one is best for your personal style.

3. Personal style never expires; it evolves. It takes some soul-searching to figure it out. Once you’ve defined it in words, you can use fashion to translate it. Your style may change over the years. Paying attention to it, reviewing it and making adjustments to it will keep you empowered.

4. When you understand your style, you’ll be savvy about how you spend money on clothing. What could be a trend for one person could be an important contribution to another person’s style expression. For example, a fringed jacket could be a one-season wonder but for someone who has a free spirited, rebellious element to her, a fringed jacket could be the perfect addition to her wardrobe. If you’re expressing your style, don’t be afraid to spend money on quality pieces that speak to you. When you wear them a lot, the cost-per-wear will make them bargains!

5. Style lovers express their style in all wardrobe categories from work to play to evening. Their passion is creating more and more clarity so they establish a signature style. Soon every time you think of that person, you think of their style. They go together seamlessly. It’s a prized possession and can be a valuable asset in life.

6. Style comes from a quality within you. It’s a combination of your preferences, your experiences, and your lifestyle. As you understand your style, the garments hanging in your closet or the jewelry in your jewelry box, will all be things that add to and support your style. When it comes to getting dressed, you can feel utterly confident that you are expressing the best of who you are.

A consultant can help you develop your style and utilize fashion to get the most enjoyment out of your wardrobe. Let’s explore fashion and style together. Call me. :-)

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6 Fashion Notes for Fall 2015

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Here we are back into September and this always seems like I am starting the New Year. Business ramps up and the fall trends are in the stores. The words “fashion” and “style” get tossed around a lot. How does fashion relate to style and how does style relate to fashion? Do you think they are one and the same? Let’s consider these 6 notes on fashion first.

Fashion Notes, 1-6

1. A prolific designer, Karl Lagerfeld, says, “Fashion is now and tomorrow. Who cares about the past? Fashion is something people are supposed to consume immediately.”

2. New fashion items come into stores daily. There is never a shortage of fashion.

3. Fashion is meant to expire and move off the store floors. That’s the rhythm of fashion. Marketing for new fashion seasons creates demand for your next purchases.

4. Some people love to be in the latest fashion colors, wear the “jacket” of the season, or own the “it” bag. This person may reinvent herself each season. That could be expensive to do. If this is you and you’re on a budget, consider shopping for some of your high fashion looks at lower prices at stores such as Zara and H&M.

5. The great thing about paying attention to fashion is that it refreshes your style eyes. Suddenly you’re seeing pearls all over the pages of magazines and you remember the pearls that are in your drawer that you aren’t wearing. It inspires you to pull out those items and enjoy them all over again.

6. Fashion has specific marketing cycles. It’s easy to get caught up chasing each fashion cycle and feeling like you need more, more, and more. Many stores are open day and night ready to lure you in for retail therapy, using shopping as a pastime, or filling needs other than clothing.

How do you relate? Do you go for fashion or style? My next blog will be about style.

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8 Tips to Successful Clothes Shopping

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When it comes to shopping, are you getting fair, good, great, or no results? The reason I ask is that there are lots of hazards out there that can throw you off course. Here are 8 tips that will better prepare you for successful, rewarding clothes shopping trips.

Stop and Think
1. Cruise your closet before rushing to the stores. Make a “needs” list. Plan to check those items off first. This will provide you the direction you need to avoid overspending.

2. Has this happened to you? You’ve skipped lunch and you’re finding it impossible to make decisions. Instead of going home empty handed, ask the sales associate to hold your items and go get lunch. When you return to the dressing room, you’ll have fresh eyes and a clear mind.

3. Do you shop when you feel upset or impulsive? This is a dangerous time to go shopping with real money or credit cards. Recognize when you are in that mood to purchase just for the thrill of it or to let off steam. Instead, step back to debrief. Consider another way to vent your emotions or comfort yourself. Try another activity such as walking in nature, meeting up with a friend, or listening to music. Shop when you feel calm and rested.

Full Speed Ahead
4. When it comes to investment shopping, know your best colours. When you shop for coats, blazers, or jewelry be sure they enhance or highlight your eye colour, your skin tone, or your hair colouring. Chances are great that these items will stay in your wardrobe for years ahead, simply because they flatter you so naturally.

5. Shop your best when you look your best. Don’t even think about shopping for a wardrobe right after your spin class. It’s easier to imagine how the clothes you’re trying on will look in your real life when you look like you do in real life. Do your hair and makeup and then go shopping. It will make it much easier to see what really works well on you.

6. If you come across something that’s not on your list but you absolutely love it, give it a chance. Ask yourself if this item enhances your style, is within your budget, and brings something new to your wardrobe that’s been missing. If the answers are yes, buy it.

Be Cautious
7. Sale items can be tempting but are not always a bargain. They can be more expensive than you realize when you take into account the complicated cleaning instructions, the other pieces you need to buy to make this “bargain” work, or the new makeup required to pull off the colour of this purchase if it’s not a colour you normally wear. Even high-end designers make mistakes. Don’t get sucked into buying it just because it’s a designer label.

8. Be aware of the return policy of the stores you shop in. If you can only receive store credit within seven days, is that really going to work for you? If yes, fine. If no, go shopping at a clothing store that has generous return policies.

Styles change and so do you. With changes in your body, age, and lifestyle, it’s easy to make mistakes. It’s best to have somebody at your side who can be objective, informed, and looking out for your best interests. A professional like me can be your best companion to get the most out of your shopping trip. I’m here for you – let’s connect!

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Wear Color with Intention – 10 Core Colours & What They Mean

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Many of you who have heard me at a presentation, know me through networking, or are a client and friend, know that I believe having a Colour Analysis, is the number ONE step to take before buying any clothing.  But it’s not just about whether clothing colours look good on you or not; they do so much more! You’ll find lots of references about how colour can be very healing, give you emotional support as well has help you express yourself. Wearing clothing with intention and in your colour palette makes you look more healthy, radiant and youthful!! Who doesn’t want to look more youthful? And… colour can actually raise your vibration. Here are the first 5 core colours and what they mean. The next 5 will be publlshed in my upcoming newsletter. Have you subscribed yet? Sign up here! Continue reading

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8 Fashion Tips for your Changing Boomer Babe Life

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When I talk to women 50 + I hear the same complaints… your bodies have changed and you feel out of synch with the clothes in the store. You are experiencing that “Menopausal Middle.”

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