2 Ways Look Fresh in White This Spring

White tops are filling the stores right now. The time for white is now even before the old rule of waiting for the May 24th long weekend! If the weather is warm… go for it! Or at least go for getting items while they are plentiful in the stores.

Also, as I look at the trend reports on how to wear white, I see they are mainly shown on very young women and usually as t-shirts.

I am here to rescue you!! The tops I have seen are perfect for mature figures, for hiding the meno – middle and looking cool and fresh, even with a hot flash.

You may want to buy 3 tops- one with sheerness, one with cut outs, and one with layers.

Your top will add texture and interest, especially if you wear them with white jeans.

You can mix and match these tops throughout the summer with pants or skirts in other colours.

I was surprised at the variety of tops I have been seeing.

The following pictures of tops were found at Spanner in the Tanger Outlet in Cookstown.

white top -1 white top -2 white tops -3

But Karen… I can’t wear white up near my face. What can I do?

  1. How about the option of this knit vest? It would look great over another light top in your colour palette… even over a cream top!
  2. Wear jewelry in your colour palette as noted with the green pendant in the picture. And don’t forget, you can add a light, airy scarf in your colours to add sparkle to your face!

I am not usually a fan of white tops, but the textures and layers in white, are pulling me in.

Have fun browsing and call me to help you make the perfect choice.

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7 Ways to Perk up You and Your Wardrobe

What do most women these days have in common? They are busy, stressed out, and having a hard time remembering who they were before they became moms, entrepreneurs, even retired and now volunteering! It’s easy to hear a woman compare her former self to her current reality and say things like this:

“I used to take time and wear makeup before leaving the house. Now I’m lucky if I take a shower.”

“I used to have time to browse stores. Now I pray I run into what I need at one store.”

“I used to get dressed for work. Now I stay at home and dress in whatever.”

“I used to know what worked on my body. Now I don’t have a clue.”

While it would be easy to give up on fashion and style, I encourage you not to. Everyone benefits when you feel great about yourself. When you are dressed in a little something more than yoga clothes, it can make you feel more in control of your life. Looking put together on the outside can help you feel organized on the inside.

Even though you might think there’s no time for style, I’d like you to consider some of these tips.

  1. Be comfortable but don’t use “comfort” as a copout for sloppy, no-expression clothes. A T-shirt, a belt and a pair of rolled up jeans are just as comfortable as yoga pants and a hoodie, yet more intentional and put together.
  2. Put some lipstick, lip-gloss or mascara on even if you don’t have time for anything more than that. It will help you feel more refreshed. If you have time, add another product, like a mineral based foundation that will give you a glow even if you’re not feeling it.
  3. Wear clothes that fit you properly. Too tight or too baggy are two faces of the same problem. Good fit, even if you’re not the weight you’d like to be, makes you look thinner, brighter, and happier.
  4. No-iron fabrics could be a good choice for you. Also, fabrics that already have crinkles embedded in them are great choices. If you want to be cool in hot days, consider linen only if you can agree to not fret over the wrinkles. Linen is supposed to wrinkle.
  5. Prints are great for not showing areas you would rather hide. Pick an all over print in a paisley, a plaid or a floral. They’re fun, attractive, and will disguise lumps and bumps.
  6. The current trend of wearing high-low fashion means you can find fashionable looks at minimal prices. See if you can find that one item that when you put it on, it transforms your mood and your look. It might be a leather jacket, a trench coat in a bright color, jeans in your favorite color, or a super cute pair of wedged sandals. Think of this item as a personality piece, not a basic. Something new to wear can really lift your spirits.

DSCN3716                       DSCN3709

When you take time to care for yourself—even if it’s something small—be prepared to hear these sweet words, “You look great!”

I’d love to help you raise your energy or shop for some cute pieces this Spring.

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5 Fashion Tips to Take You into Spring

It’s that time of year: the weather’s unpredictable, allergies are acting up, and spring fashions are just coming in… but THIS WEATHER!! It jumps from warm to cold so quickly, how can one be prepared? Here’s a little study guide to help you take baby steps toward warm weather fashion.

Cardigans can move into springIMG_1308

Cashmere sweaters or cardigans can be a great choice heading into spring, even summer, especially when they are in lighter colors and/or are lightweight. Reach for them as great layering pieces for when days are flip flopping between warm and cold.

Boots keep on giving

Not only are boots great for the fall/winter fashion season, but they also march right into spring months. Boots, especially in lighter colors, make great companions to skirts and dresses. Ankle booties are sweet with rolled up jeans or when worn with a knit skirt and a chambray top.

Scarves and ponchos may be your go to accessoryIMG_1309

A great way to add spring colours to your wardrobe for a small investment is a colourful print scarf. Keep wearing wool ones if they don’t look too heavy or too dark. It might be time to shift to scarves in silk, cotton, or linen. I love to wear a poncho or wrap at this time of year. It adds a layer of warmth over my spring jacket and if it gets too warm by afternoon, all I need is the poncho.

Outsmart the weather with layers

When the weather can jump 20 degrees in spring days, you have to dress smart. Smart layering is the answer. Be sure your outfit looks cute with or without that outer layer because you could be taking it on and off a few times in a single day. Look for cardigans or crocheted sweaters, and of course a poncho or wrap. My other find this year are vests. Down-filled over a sweater, or a cosy fuzzy one will add a little extra warmth.

Black is forever green… what Karen?

Your black clothing items do not have to hibernate in the spring and summer months. They are great year round and can be part of your outfit…. When worn as a bottom piece. Help black shift into spring by adding a spot of colour in an accessory. Or do some colour blocking by wearing a black pant with a geranium red or turquoise top.

Call me if you need a Fashion Mentor this Spring…

Here is where I will be in the upcoming weeks:

Thursday March 31, 2016
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Let’s bring on Spring Ladies…come out and see the newest fashions and then learn how to accessorize, uniquely for YOU!

3 More Fit Solutions for Curvy Figure Challenges

Do fashion images make you feel bad? Do you look at pictures of women in fashion whether it’s on a website, a blog, or in a catalog and compare yourself to them and find fault with yourself? First of all, you aren’t the only one! Our standard images of fashion come from young (often teenager) bodies that haven’t developed into women yet. They are often frightfully thin. Chances are we look at these images of females in clothes and even though we know better, we make ourselves wrong for not looking more like them.

When you compare yourself, it would be easy to think that you may as well give up on fashion and cover up in any old thing. You can’t find any fashion image that looks like something you could do or would even want to do.

I’d love to shed some light on this hot button topic. You see, I believe finding good fit for your body shape just as it is, is the action step required to rid ourselves of bad body image and the tyranny of comparisons to unreliable images.

  1. Is your tummy getting in the way of your fashion statement?

Swing jackets or swing cardigans arIMG_1276e your friends. Use them over a slimmer pant for a balanced look. Proportions are key. Additionally avoid belts that cinch too tight. Wear pants or skirts that don’t have a waistband and sit on the higher part of your hip instead of your waist. Dusters over a loose top can elongate the body and draw attention away from the tummy.

  1. Are slim pants making your thighs appearing to be bigger than they are?

If you have a heavier thigh, you have several possible pant styles to consider. A flared pant can balance a fuller thigh. Pleated pants are in style, just be sure the ones you get have plenty of ease over your thighs. Skirts are a fabulous option. A cropped jacket over a fuller skirt gives you shape while still creating ease for your thicker thighs.

3. Is your long torso making your legs look short?

Choose a high waisted pant and tuck a blouse into them. This look will elongate your legs. Add a heel for more length. Avoid wearing garments with dropped waistlines or long jackets or pants that have big, low pocket details. Pushed up sleeves give the leg a longer line. Avoid medium length jackets that cut the body in half. Short jackets are better.

Do these fashion fixes confuse you? Are you afraid to try these on your own? Don’t worry, I’m trained and knowledgeable in all matters of fit. Lean on me this season and I’ll help you find ease in the clothes that are right for you.

Where you will find me:

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This week my video will be on How to Dress a Curvy Body.

Three Solutions for Mature Figure Challenges

We all probably fuss more than we need to over what we consider our figure flaws. In truth we could all be happier if we focused more on what makes our bodies feel great in clothes. Good fit feels right. Stop finding fault with your body. Instead, let me help you with some pointers to help you feel more at ease and relaxed. Your body deserves to feel good in clothes. Here’s a guide to help you do that.

  1. Do you wish for the appearance of a longer neck?IMG_1254

You can create the illusion of a longer neck by wearing a V-neck blouse, dress or sweater. Wear a collarless sweater or top and create a deep V with a long pendant. Avoid turtlenecks and short necklaces like chokers. If you have long hair, wear your hair up off your neck.

  1. Does your bosom need more room?

Blouses with extended shoulders will create ease over the bosom. Create diagonal lines across a full bust with a crossover, wrap, or surplice blouse. Avoid tops with sleeves that end at the same line as the fullest part of the bust. There are many tops in fashion now that are loose fitting, without looking boxy.

  1. Do you feel self-conscious about your waistline?

Softly fitted garments like shifts, chemises, and blouson waists will accoIMG_1255mmodate a thicker waistline. Wear clothing pieces that bypass the waist such as a longer tunic or tunic vest over a slim t-shirt. To create the illusion of a waist, wear a blouse belted at the waist, but wear a jacket or cardigan over. If a jacket and a blouse sound bulky to you, make the blouse a sleeveless one. Here is a picture of a belted top and note… the belt and pendant are in the same colour, so the eye is pulled up to the face.


Due to the hugely POSITIVE response to my mini one-to-one, consultations at the Rock Your Biz event, I am going to be offering more of these.

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3 Tips on the Art of Layering for Mature Women

Do you feel left out looking at younger women layered in the latest style…thinking you are too old, or you get too hot, or you have gained weight with menopause and you feel layers would add more bulk?

Well this is your season to sharpen your layering skills. You see, layering is really the secret sauce in many of this spring’s fashion looks and you can try it in various ways.

 Layer over or under a dress

  1. An elongated vest that buttons up can be layered over a dress. Here is a picture of a long grey vest over my knit dress.
  2. How about wearing a pair of jeggings, or leggings under a dress, as pictured here with my blue knit dress?
  3. Make a classic sleeveless dress look great in a professional setting by adding a crisp white button up collared shirt beneath it.



Layer chains

  1. Wear three chains in different metals in nearly the same length.
  2. Make your layered necklaces look more tangled by wearing two chains (one high, one longer) and add a coral, turquoise, or crystal pendant to the mix.
  3. Wear two separate pendants. One necklace needs to be shorter than the other by about two inches. Consider making one of them a family heirloom locket.

Layer outer layers

  1. If a sheer dress is just a little too much, consider adding a sheer outer layer such as a sheer cardigan. It’s the perfect accent piece for covering up your armsIMG_1050 without adding bulk or distracting from your well put together look.
  2. Consider wearing a faux leather jacket over a dress or skirt. That gives you even more mileage than just saving it for over pants.
  3. A loose-fitting duster looks dramatic over an outfit of fitted long pants and a flowy blouse.


Layering pieces together to achieve a dynamic look isn’t necessarily hard to do but it can be confusing. If you have any doubts about this at all, I am just a phone call or
email away. I’d love to help you practice and make perfect the art of layering.

NEW!! I am excited to announce that I am hosting the Barrie Beauty Café!  Join me Saturday February 27th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at Kindred Destinations on Bryne Drive in Barrie. It is next to Sojourn. Check my website for details.

Here’s where you will find me this month:

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February 28, 2016
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5 Ways to Look Sexy Not Desperate

Here it is February again, and Valentines Day brings romance to mind.

We are inundated with signs for specials on roses and the lingerie stores are filled with taunting little pieces.

It is a time for planning that romantic dinner or weekend getaway.

Here are some tips for dressing on that special night out or any date night, so you can feel sensuous, appealing and still be comfortable and keep some mystery about you!

  • Show SOME skin. The important word here is some! Try a top withFullSizeRender a scoop neck or a V-neck that doesn’t plunge too low. Or you may like an off the shoulder top.For those of you with a full figure….here is a picture of a red, cowl neck top. The drape of the cowl is feminine and the soft, draping fabric is great over a curvy figure.
  • Focus on bringing the attention to ONE area of your body that you want to enhance. It may be that low neckline, or if you like your legs you may want a slit in a skirt. Depending on how much you like to show your legs, you may want to wear a shorter skirt (not a mini- skirt). Some of you still have a lovely back to show off, so a deep plunge on the back of a top or dress may be your choice. Choose only one area!
  • Swishy, draping fabrics are sensual and skim the body nicely. Avoid skin tight clothing. It only makes you look bigger. And of course, too big and boxy can lead you to looking frumpy and short. Try a wrap dress. They work on most body types and the cut across the bust is slimming.
  • Wear a cozy sweater that has “pet me appeal.” Here is aFullSizeRender (1) plush sweater in pink, that feels so good, I didn’t want to put it down! You can find eyelash sweaters and of course cashmere to add warmth, yet they are sensuous looking.
  • Try wearing animal print in a shoe. It can be a heel or a flat. Kitten heels are comfortable too if you can’t wear a high heel. Heels elongate the leg and give the calves a defined look. If you are going for a flat; look for one with a deep vamp.

**Pictures are compliments of Nygard outlet store.

Join me to learn even more tips on how to get back your sexy after 40! I am hosting a workshop at my studio in Barrie, called Sexy Yet Subtle.

Thursday, February 25, 2016
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
Please RSVP by phone or email!!

PLEASE NOTE:  Messaging me on Facebook is not reliable and I cannot guarantee your place.

$25 per person or bring a friend and get 2 for $40. Space is limited.

Places you will find me this month:

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February 24, 2016
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February 25, 2016
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February 28, 2016
Women in Biz EXPO!
I am a guest speaker plus I will be giving 10 minute consultations for $10.00
Come out and join us!!

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5 Great Tips to Accessorizing Your Outdoor Look in Winter

Completing a winter outfit with the right accessories can be tricky. It’s colder, you’re bundled up, and less skin is showing. How can you showcase accessories without them getting lost in your layers? Here are ways to highlight and add polish your cold weather outfits.

The face won’t be covered up so let’s be sure attention is heading its way. Try these ideas:

  • Strong earrings: Clustered jeweled earrings, sparkly studs or hoop earrings (in IMG_1024your best metals) are a good choice.
    They will bring even more attention to your face when you have short hair or you’re wearing your hair in an up-do.
  • Wide brimmed hats: These can add a dramatic mystique to a winter outfit as well as protect from winter showers or winter sunburns when in high altitudes.
  • Great lipstick colour: A pop of colour when it’s gray outside adds warmth and polish to your face. Deep berry colours or bright reds or coral, depending on your colour palette, add excitement to your outfit.

The neckline is an easy area to adorn in order to bring more focus to your face. Try these ideas:

  • A scarf: This accessory adds character depending on your choice ofIMG_1029 print, pattern or colour, plus it adds an additional layer of warmth. Choose one in this season’s
    bold reds or jeweled tones or find one in a dark floral print or a non-traditional plaid. You can also layer two oblong scarves – one in a print, one in a flattering solid color – for an interesting look.
  • Great handbag: A bright coloured bag can be all the accent colour you need in an outfit. If it’s your everyday bag, go for a darker colour, as it will show less wear over the months. But think about a second bag in a berry tone, gold, or turquoise. Colour can shake things up if you’re getting bored. A jeweled or sequined clutch is festive for events or nights out.

Are you having a hard time polishing off your winter outfits? I’m always here to help. I’d love to help you accessorize for these chilly days ahead. Let’s get something on the calendar.

Places you will find me this month:
January 19  Company of Women Network in Barrie
January 20  Barrie SWAN daytime network meeting
January 27  WEWednesday Networking in Barrie
January 28  Display at LA Fitness in Barrie
January 29  Fashion Resolution Workshop 1-3 pm and 7-9 pm Image Connection Studio in Barrie

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3 Great Fashion Outfits with Colour for the Holiday Season

click for photo attribute

click for photo attribute

In my last two blogs, I wrote about alternatives to wearing black and 4 places we might find you donning colour. Here is one more place you may be this holiday season and 3 great fashion outfits that encompass colour for you to consider. I am not suggesting you need to dress in red and green this season, but you can start by adding colour in a piece here and there. Maybe step gingerly into colour with a neutral, perhaps navy, grey or a deep forest green to replace black.

Theatre or Ballet

The Nutcracker performances, holiday concerts, or theater events are plentiful in the month of December. Will you be attending? If you’re hitting the big city for a show, you may also be getting dinner or drinks beforehand. Make this occasion extra special by looking radiant in colour. If you’re attending matinee performances with your children, don’t be too casual. A few selected pieces will add to the spirit of the holidays whether it’s casual or dressy.

  • click to enlarge

    click to enlarge

    A burgundy velvet long-sleeved top layered with a faux fur stole in burgundy will look divine with a wide legged dark gray, flowy pant.

  • A snow leopard print stretchy knit dress with a cropped white faux fur jacket will fit right into this month’s events.
  • A multi-colored graphic print wool coat makes a grand entrance over a smoky blue pantsuit or jumpsuit.

I hope you ‘Deck the Halls’ with colour this season…Falalalala… Let these holidays leave you with great memories. I’m happy to help you pull together the outfits that will make every event stress-free! Just give me a call.

As always, I welcome your questions and your feedback! You can connect with me via email or telephone, leave a comment right here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and you’ll find me on Twitter too!

I would like to wish you Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year! May you dress to honour who you are in 2016!


“I love being a woman and I was not one of these women who rose through professional life by wearing men’s clothes or looking masculine. I loved wearing bright colours and being who I am.”

Madeline Albright

2 More Places to Wear Colourful Fashion This Holiday Season

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

In my last blog post, we talked about alternatives to wearing black this holiday season. I proposed solutions for two different scenarios. In this blog post we will cover 2 more occasions where you can wear colourful fashion. Oh… it’s all true – those things we have heard about black: it is slimming (so is any dark colour), it goes with everything (so do pieces in your colour palette) and it is easy to travel with (have you tried building with a base of navy or brown). But did you know there are drawbacks to relying on black? It can make you look older and more tired than you are and… it ages you!! This holiday season, take a new look at colour. There are lots of choices that will harmonize with your skin and hair colouring, so you look radiant. Continue reading